Book Haul!

After a short book-buying-ban (say that three times fast) I decided to gorge myself on books. I bought ten in the space of a few days...and here they are!

Most of the books I have bought due to hype on Booktube,  some reviews I have seen and just general intrigue: Let us begin.

From WHSmith:
- The Winner's Curse By Marie Rutkowski: I have seen this everywhere recently and it sounds exactly like my kind of book. A little romance, a little intrigue, a trilogy...why have I never read this before! It is about a girl called Kestral who lives in a world or a time where slavery is still around, she purchases a slave (for more than he is 'worth') and she falls in love with him. This in turn causes scandal and intrigue and apparently fuels two more books so it sounds like a worthwhile romance! I purchased this full-price.
- Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell: Everyone has heard of this, or at least will by the time they have read a few book blogs! I loved Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell, as you saw in my previous post, and so I thought I would give another one of her books a go, and this is the one that was recommended to me. I bought it, not only for the recommendations and the author, but because I find the characters easily relatable: the main character moves away to University, separated from her family, and her writes fan fiction as an escape. We have some similarities, although I prefer to write fiction in general.
From The Book
First of can I say how much I love this website! The books come brand-new but at discount shop prices! I purchased 8 books from here and 5 were pristine hardbacks! I mean come on, in terms of quality this is my new favourite book website!
Moving on...
- Across the Universe By Beth Revis: I first saw this book in a video by essiebutton and it stayed in my mind for a few weeks because it sounds amazing. So when I saw it on The Book People for only £2 I purchased it. It is a Sci-Fi book, with some romance and mystery by the look of it, and I have never really read sci-fi before so I see it as a challenge and a new experience. A group of people are sent into space and frozen cryogenically, only to be woken 50 years before they were supposed to.
- The 5th Wave By Rick Yancy: Another sort of sci-fi story, but it's set on earth and all these waves are killing people or making them disappear. I have heard little things about this book and seen on it many people's bookshelves so again when I saw it for £3.99 I picked it up. It's a lovely hardback addition and I look forward to reading it.
- The Care and Management of Lies By Jacqueline Winspear: I saw this on the website and threw it into my basket without any other whisper of it. It is set during the First World War, the cover is fantastic and it was only £4.99 for a hardback. The story sounds right up my street with it being about two women in world war one, whom are friends but one is a suffragette and the other is settling down to life as a married woman who must cook, clean and raise children. But when the war sets in this all changes. As a History Student at University, with a passion for World War One, this sounds awesome and I am so glad I picked it up. I will be doing a more in-depth review when I get round to reading this!
- The Land of Decoration By Grace Mcleen: I have seen this several times and I thought it looked pretty good. The cover is lovely, and it is again hardback and only £3.99, but I also liked the premise of the story. It is about a young girl and her father and it is about this girls faith in beauty, at the age of 10 years old she has a lot of imagination and innocence. It is also a different book for me to read as there is a lot about religion in this story, by the look of it, with the father being devout and the daughter being teased for her beliefs etc. I don't really read any books like this either, so it will interesting to see how much I enjoy this one. Again, I will review this book when I have time to read it.
- A Monster Calls By Patrick Ness: I have been after a Patrick Ness novel for quite some time and when I saw this one I thought it sounded incredibly moving and intriguing. The main character has a nightmare every night that the 'monster' calls, the monster calling is actually a nightmare about his mother, who has cancer, dying. It sounds tragic and poignant. I'm not normally a sort of sick-lit reader, I haven't even read 'The Fault In Our Stars' yet! But there is something new in seeing the death of a relative through the eyes of child, full of innocence and imagination. It sounds horrific but relatable as well.
- If I Stay By Gayle Forman: I was hoping to read this before the film came out, but since I think it came out today or in a few days time, I don't really have much hope. But that's ok, as this way this doesn't spoil everything to come in the movie. I love the book cover of this copy, it is the movie copy (which I generally hate) but this movie cover is actually very pretty, much prettier than the actual book cover I thought...any thoughts on this? I look forward to reading this after I watch the movie.
- The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight By Jennifer E Smith: An incredibly long title for a relatively short book. It is about a boy and a girl who meet in the NYC airport and, presumably, fall in love. It would seem a silly title if the characters were actually enemies with a simple airplane fetish now wouldn't it. I got this for £2.99 and it sounds like a good book to read when I'm feeling romantic.
- Everyday By David Levithan: And finally the last book I picked up was again on a total whim. I saw the author, I have previously read 'Dash and Lily's Book of Dares' which I am very fond of, and I thought that the premise of this book sounded incredible. As a creative writing student it sounds great, it's all about A who every night is moved from body to body and has to live as a different person everyday, until he goes into a boys, Justin, body and falls in love with Justin's girlfriend Rhiannon. It sounds complicated, intriguing, mysterious and romantic all in one and I look forward to seeing how it ends as I can't predict the ending of this one!
So that is the end of my incredibly large book haul! I hope you enjoyed. Let me know what other books I should be reading, or if you have read any of the books I have purchased!

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