Wait For You by J.Lynn Review

Wait For You Review

Published: 2013

Author: Jennifer L Armentrout also known as J.Lynn (Wait For You is part of a series, the other books are about different characters from within this story)

Rating: ***

I wasn’t expecting much with this novel, so what I got was good and better than I expected but it wasn’t the best novel I have read this year and I’m not sure I would recommend it to anyone, besides those that enjoy erotica and in-your-face love stories.

The story itself is immature, with some adult themes and language, but some of the characters are likable and the story is easy to read as each chapter does leave you with wanting just a little more.

The main narrator is Avery. A quiet girl who hates being late for class, who happens to bump into the handsomest boy in her college. Already my head was turning back to my bookshelf searching for a book that wasn’t going to make me want to re-evaluate my love life for the 10th time this year. However, then the scar is revealed on Avery’s wrist. The kind of scar you can only get one way…and there was the hook.

I wanted to know what happened to Avery to give her this scar, particularly since she mentions she was only 15 – a young age for someone to even consider suicide let alone attempt it. The plot revolves around her and the boy-next-door, again I rolled my eyes.

I have nothing against love stories but I do have something against love stories that seem to orbit around the best looking guys around, with wicked sense of humours, confidence that could create a new planet and a good-natured friendly feel which makes me want to cry that I don’t have it. People like this, don’t exist, and because of this I found it hard to fall into the story as I was constantly being reminded that it was just a work of fiction.

My rant is subsiding as I come onto the pace of the plot. It works well and in the middle I was hooked but then the sex scenes occurred, or the almost sex scenes occurred. I seriously think these two characters get it on all day, fall asleep and then wake up again to do it all over. It drove me insane.

There is more sex scenes, the use of the work ‘fuck’ and I-Love-You-more moments than in the whole of the Fifty Shades of Grey series! It is a little distracting from the main issues, which is why I call it immature. For a few chapters there is an actual viable plot that will make the less-romantically inclined feel something for both Avery and her God of a boyfriend Cam. But it is constantly over-shadowed in my opinion.

The writing is good, although, as a creative writing student I really wanted Jennifer to discard one scene that was utterly unnecessary and was also repeated in the following chapter anyway. But this is more of a writers edit than an ‘I hate it, get rid of it’ suggestion.

Overall, the plot had some basis to it and the writing at times made me concerned for the characters and where the plot was headed, but the continuous use of sexual language, scenes and innuendos throughout the last 150 pages or so really put me off the novel. If it had had more basis to do with the mature themes, rather than a brief scene in which they connected, I could understand their use. But considering what the character of Avery went through, and what her scars represent, the sex scenes were really over-whelming in terms of plot and fictitious licence and overall spoilt an otherwise good book for me.

I give it 2.5 stars overall – although it says at the top 3 (I can’t find a half-star button my keyboard) as I didn’t have to  force myself to finish it, but at the same time it didn’t make me want to sit down and read it all at once. This is how I judge my books.

What did you think of ‘Wait For You’ by J.Lynn?

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