Top 10 Fantasy Reads

Top Ten Fantasy Reads

In no particular order…
1.      The Song of Fire & Ice Series by George.R.R.Martin

AKA: Game of Thrones! Anyone who is anyone, genuinely human, has heard of the Game of Thrones if not because of the massive books then because of the massive series! The series that has made unknowns household names: Kit Harrington, Richard Madden and Rose Leslie. It is the series that cemented Sean Bean as the unluckiest actor in the world as he gets killed off continuously! I would join the #don’tkillseanbean group but I think it will just lead to disappointment! As a book series it is incredible. The detail into which George R.R.Martin is willing to go, as well as has much he does, is breath-taking and terrifying at its best. A fantastic fantasy series for those over the age of 15.


2.      The Hobbt & The Lord of Rings Trilogy by J.R.R.Tolkien

I know that these are two separate stories in their own right but it seems wrong somehow to split the books up and battle them against each other, although I know that that is precisely what is happening in the world of cinema right now. (It may be sacrilege but I prefer the Hobbt…I can feel people mentally stoning me right now…) But as stories there is almost no beating Tolkien for imagination, Middle-Earth, the Shire, it’s so beautiful to read about and to think about. No wonder Peter Jackson couldn’t let it go.


3.      The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S.Lewis

I loved this series of books. It is forever clear that ‘The Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe’ is the book to beat, but the concept is beautiful and perfect for children as well as Adults. There are battles, childish mistakes, snowy escapades and Father Christmas! I can’t think of another book that makes me tingle with excitement at the concept like: ‘Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe’ It is my childhood book of choice. And whilst the rest of the series is lovely, they have the curse of sequels…they’re never as good as the one you read first of all…


4.      The Hogfather by Terry Pratchett

Whislt in the Christmas theme with Narnia lets move onto the Hogfather. For anyone wanting a different tale of Christmas this year, read this book. It has humour, complicated but well-written scenarios and characters and once-again, a wonderful concept. What would happen if Death took over Father Christmas’ job for the day, because he doesn’t want to be seen as evil? It’s a lovely tale, fairly dark in some places but it is meant for adult after all.


5.      Harry Potter by J.K.Rowling

Ok. Do I even need to describe this series and why it is on my Top 10? Of course not. Everyone knows. I am still surprised today when I hear people haven’t seen the movies if not read the books? How could they not have? It seems irresponsible of their parents not to have made them watch/read it, or odd for adults who have not bothered either!

6.       The Wonderful Wizard of OZ by Frank Baum

I read this story at age 12 and I remember racing through it. It is a lovely little book, very easy read, but with bright imaginative colours and places: anyone ever gone to Chinatown? And no I do not mean the one in London or Asia but the ChinaTown of Oz. With people made of china. It may be hard to read without hearing ‘Follow the Yellow Brick Road’ or wondering why the hell the shoes aren’t ruby slippers. But this is an example of a story altered by Hollywood but just as good, if not better, than the film! And there are many more tales in OZ...I just haven't read them yet ;)


7.      Outview (The Inner Movement Trilogy) by Brandt Legg

I am aware that I rarely mention less mainstream books so I thought I would prove that do read things that aren’t necessarily global phenomenon’s. This is a book that should be a global phenomenon. It is a very interesting, slightly twisted, fantasy series by an American Author: Brandt Legg. It focuses on a young boy who is experiencing weird things in his life, seeing things and dreaming things. His brother is separated from him and strange things are happening which means he has to rescue him with the help of his friends. It is a dark tale full of bromance, brotherly and friendship-wise. It is heart-warming as well as saddening and a very gripping bedtime read.

I enclose a British link for those interested in reading this story:


8.      Peter Pan by J.M.Barrie

One of my favourite tales of all time. Originally a play, then a book and now a constant feature on the Pantomime circus and indeed films - a new interpretation of which is coming out in 2015 with Hugh Jackman! – The story is timeless as our character, literally and literally, I think was a stroke of genius by Barrie to realise that every boys dream is to never grow up. It is a very real premise and one that has enchanted boys and girls alike for years. I know that before I wanted to go to Hogwarts I wanted to go to Neverland!


9.      The Inheritance Series by Christopher Paolini

I really enjoyed the first three books of this series, but detested the last one for it’s ambiguity. So…WARNING: If you do read this book and expect answers you’ll get a few but not the ones you want.  However the fact that the first three books leave you with questions that you want answered is a sign of a good Fantastical read and it certainly is. Dragons, Battles, Magic, Elves…what more could we want in a fantasy series?


10.  Stardust by Neil Gaiman

Stardust picks up where Eragon left off…what could you want in a Fantasy Book? How about Witches, Falling Stars, Romance, Flying Pirates…the list is endless within Stardust. A truly unique experience and story. So short and easy to read but bursting with information that is gripping and wonderful. I really love this story and it deserves to be on more Top 10 book lists in my opinion!


So that is my Top 10 Fantasy Reads. I know that they are mainly Trilogies or series, but many Fantasy series have too large a scope to be a single story and genuinely Fantasy stories leave us wanting more…it is why they make sure great films and TV series’! I love fantasy reads and wish I could read more, so let me know what are your favourite fantasy books and why!

Happy Reading.

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