Best Christmas Books: Gift List!

Best Christmas Books Gift-List

After talking to one of my housemates she told me that she was having trouble finding me a gift and when I said ‘Just get me a book’ as she and I both love books she answered that she wouldn’t know which ones to get me.  

I wouldn’t mind as I like trying new things but it gave me the idea that for Christmas book lovers might like Christmas books and so I decided on writing this post instead of Christmas TBR or a ‘Best December Book’ post. SoChristmas books!


1.   A Christmas Carol and other Christmas Tales by Charles Dickens

Now, if you can get the cloth-bound cover of this, which is beautiful, then try but bearing it mind it is about £15 it depends on how much you love your friends and family, and whether or not you are broke ;) This is a Christmas Classic, one of the most adapted books of all time! Muppets Christmas Carol, Scrooge, ScroogedI could go on. It is a lovely tale and it is very short so perfect for that cousin who likes creepy stories but has the attention span of a knat or a friend who hasn’t really read anything since ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ came out

Love this gorgeous cloth-bound edition!

2.   Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

This is a really sweet and relatively easy classic read for girls entering the YA stage. A large part of the beginning is set over Christmas so sets you up with the Christmassy feel but by the end the warm, snuggly feeling you had at the first page will only have grown! Lovely little classic.


3.   Hogfather by Terry Pratchett

A book for boys as well as girls this is the perfect book for someone to get into Pratchett’s mad world of books. The twist is that death becomes Santa for the day (or evening) of course he doesn’t make a very good santa, not because he’s not trying but because what he thinks will make good Christmas presents don’t.sunken head anyone? There are a few mad twist with Mr Teatime (pronounced Teah-timey) hunting down mythical creatures like the tooth fairy and there’s the creation of the ‘Oh-God-of-Hangovers’ a literal God...intrigued yet?


4.   The Grinch who stole Christmas Dr Seuss

If you like the film, a good rhythm to a story and a good rhyme then you’ll love this book and other people, particularly young people, will love it too. Full of illustrations, many cheesy and slightly miraculous, rhymes you’ll be singing: ‘Where are you Christmas’ by bedtime!


5.   Dash and Lily Books of Dares by Rachel Coln & David Levithan

One of my favourite reads of the year and a really good YA Christmas novel. This is the novel that I would get my university housemates as it is adult enough that they’ll enjoy but also a perfect escape of Christmas. Who wouldn’t want to be doing a dare hunt around New York at Christmas with a really cute boy/girl?


6.   The Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe C.S. Lewis

A good read for a Christmas and one I might read myself before this month is up of course with the wintery set of Narnia what doesn’t feel Christmassy about this book! A brilliant adventure, an amazing premise and a whole series of books connected to it: the Narnia boxset is a really good present for people of any age or gender.


7.   The Christmas Train by David Baldacchi

One for the parents is The Christmas Train. I haven’t read it personally but it is the one book that a lot of adults have suggested I read at Christmas time and generally I would try and read it but my mother re-reads it every ChristmasIt is an easy read, a generally cheap book to buy and one that clearly is good for adults.


8.   My True Love Gave to Me: Twleve Holiday Stories edited by Stephanie Perkins

This is one of then newer releases on this list and will be a book that will be loved by YA readers you know most likely female ones. Authors include such as Rainbow Rowell, Stephanie Perkins and many morea very easy read as you can read the stories consecutively or just choose your favourite author and read there’s. Perfect for Christmas.


9.   Letters from Father Christmas by J.R.R Tolkien

When we think of J.R.R. Tolkein we don’t usually think: Christmas! But here is a book by him and it is sweet perfect for all ages and gender, my sister bought it a few years ago and reads it every year and she won’t choose to read if she can help it so I think this shows what a good little book it is! Also, since it seems we’re coming to the end of J.R.R. Tolkien films for a while what with the The Hobbit coming out in a matter of days it might be nice to give a fan a little something to tide him over until the next Tolkien adaption which will undoubtedly happen eventually.


10. The Night Before Christmas

I had to include this book. I still read this book every year, on the night before Christmas on principle although I’m pretty sure I could just recount it to myself before I go to sleep: the night before Christmas, and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse’ yes I clearly can but I’m still going to read it! And I’m still going to buy it for all my young cousins and my family members who admit to not owning it! It is the perfect little Christmas gift jokey or otherwise!

I hope you enjoyed this post and like some of these books, they may not all be to everyone’s taste not all of them are to mine but they are definitely books that I could consider buying for people around this festive season! SoI hope this is helpful and enjoyable to read and I am officially going to say:


On my blog! For the first timewell, ever! Happy Reading!

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