Countdown to Christmas! // Tag

Countdown to Christmas!
I haven’t done a tag in ages...or I may not have done at all well I am making up for that now with a completely un-book-related tag! But it’s Christmassy so please forgive me!

I tag all those who wish to answer these questions as I know I did! J Happy Holidays!

1.   What’s your favourite holiday movie?

There are so many! Probably: Scrooge the musical with Albert Finney. Its not one I hear lots about but it has so many great songs in: Thank you very much being my favourite. But also...the Grinch, The Holiday, Meet me in  St Louis...I have a checklist of films I have to watch at Christmas...  
1970's Scrooge! Classic!
2.   What are your favourite Christmas colours?

Red, Gold and icicle blue. (that really is a colourever since Frozen came out it has become a colour!)

3.   Do you like to stay in your PJs or dress up for Christmas?

I dress up for Christmaspretty dress, make-up, hair the whole shebang. New Years is the PJs time for me.

4.  If you could only buy one person a present this year who would it be?  

My best friend: Freyja (No I haven’t spelt her name wrong it does have a J in it and is still pronounced ‘Freya’) She is my bonkers other-half and I always know what to get her for Christmasand its always just as bonkers as we are!

5.  Do you open your presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning? 

Christmas morningwe used to have a rule in the family that the kids come down first and can open their stocking but they have to wait for everyone to be up and dressed before they can open their presentsbut somehow, Im the one that is now getting woken by my parents who want to open their presentsIm not kidding either! The student gets the better of me!

6.  Have you ever built a Ginger Bread House? 

Never. Don’t know anyone that has. I would like to decorate one but I’m not sure I’d like to build oneI don’t have much patience for that kind of thingnow my sister: she loves lego so maybe a gingerbread house will be her kind of thing?

7.  What do you like to do during your Christmas holidays? 

Ideally with the family and see as many of my nice relatives as possiblehowever the norm is actually to work: right up and then after Christmasgot to earn pennies as a student!

8.   Any Christmas Wishes?

I wish that this year everyone in my family is healthy. This may seem cliché but we always have a medical emergency on Christmas day or Boxing Dayhappened every year for the past three years! Could do without the ambulances for once!

9.   Favourite Christmas smell?

Cranberries. My mum stocks up on her favourite body shop oils and my favourite is: Cranbery Wish. She burns it all year but at Christmas she can’t help but pour more in as she gets more of the little bottles! Always feels like Christmas when I can smell cranberries, the living room is only lit by the Christmas tree lights and fire and the Christmas songs are on the TV.
Cranberry oil from The Body Shop!

10. Favourite Christmas meal or treat?

Christmas treat: eating the chocolates off the tree. Although I have been banned recently as I snuck the chocolates off the tree one year and ate them all on my ownthis was when I was 10 so I think the ban should be lifted now9 years later!

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