Favourite Books and Resolutions For 2015 // New Years Special!

Books of 2014

Since I only began this blog in August of 2014 and I am very grateful to the views and the comments since I have not kept a detailed recording of all of my readings so I cannot give a precise account of what I have read throughout the year but I can tell you a little about my favourite books of the year the ones that have left a lasting impression!

-      Cinder After a lot of pointless avoidance of this book I finally read it a month ago and I did really enjoy it, and since I got the rest of the published books for Christmas I will happily be diving into them in 2015!

-      Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares I know that I read this book at the beginning of 2014 because I remember feeling slightly awkward that I reading a book set in Christmas after Christmas had just passed. I loved this story, it was an easy-ready, enjoyable and festivedefinitely one I would recommend to my YA-loving cousins and to a younger audience of book blogs.


-      Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops It is rare that I write about Non-Fiction books on this blogsomething I wish to remedy in 2015 but I loved this book. It was very funny, and incredibly easy to read since I read it sitting in the same position and with the same drink (it was a can of coke) in one hour. But still great! (The second book is on its way!)

-      The Kingmakers Daughter I read this book just after Christmas as well as it was the last book in The Cousins War book saga of Phillippa Gregory which I read. I really enjoyed this story, it was my favourite of the four and that was probably to do with the story between Richard and Anne which was my favourite part of the TV series that aired a few months pre-reading these books!

-      Where Rainbows End I remember seeing the trailer for ‘Love, Rosie’, the adaption of this book, and feeling in pain with the excitement of wanting to see it (I was going through a Sam Claflin phase) and then the following day I walked into my ‘Books for Free’ shop and saw it on the shelf. I literally ran with the book and left! I actually forgot to get it stamped by the nice cashier people! How bad is thatanywayI put down whatever book I was reading at the time and read this one in 3 days and then gave it to my sister who also enjoyed it as much as I didand I know that she did as it was the first book she had actually read in years! Proud Sister Moment!


-      Room I thought that this was a haunting book and again a book I wouldn’t have known about if it wasn’t for Booktube and my favourite book bloggers. It’s not a book I’d want to read again  as it was disgusting and shocking in places but it was well-written and heart-wrenching as much as it was disturbing. 

-      Downton Abbey Scripts Season 1 & 2 I got these books on a whim in a charity shop and oh my god I loved them. I devoured them. My mum got the third season for me for Christmas and I squealed! It is taking effort for me to not read it straight away! There is something about reading scripts which I love!


-      Harry Potter: From Page to Screen Okso I also got this book for Christmas and it is huge! But I have to admitI did read it. It wasn’t so difficult, I read it in a day as there are a lot of picture pages but I adored it! I went to Harry Potter Studios at Leavesden yesterday andit wasthe best experienceof 2014! Even with the worst cold known to man! It helped also that my whole family was there which is a rare thing for me! It was great and this book was superb! I really recommend it even though it is expensiveIt is the book version of the Harry Potter Studio Tours! Trust me on that!

-      Eleanor & Park I will go as far to say that this is my book of the year! It is the one that I remember the most vividly and I read it this Summer it is the book I discovered only because of book blogging and booktube. It is the story and the characters I would give my book Oscar toif a book Oscar was an actual thing!


So these are my top books of this yearI’m sorry that there isn’t more but I never really paid much attention to what books I read so long as I read a booknow that has all changed and I must admit to loving the experience of reading a book even more now than I did before! This Book Blogging is fun!


SoBook Resolutions for 2015:

1.   Read 50 books in 2015 there will a Page to let you know how I am doing. I will add the books and date I finish them to this pagestarting as of when I finish my next book.

2.   To blog at least twice a week if I can. I do have University and Job commitments to consider but I will try!

3.   To do my reviews!

4.   To publicise my book blog more!

5.   To reply to all comments within a 24 hour response time!

There we have it. 2015EllesBellesBookshelf is ready!

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