My Top 5 Favourite Bloggers!

My Top 5 Book Bloggers

1.   Books and Quills -

I think this is almost a predictable choice as Books and Quills is a really big part of Booktube on youtube but I never miss a video and I always keep up to date with the blog. I love the layout of it, the use of pictures and the fact that Sanne, the blogger, works in the publishing world and so knows a lot about books. It is a really clear, very readable and well-thought-out blog and I would definitely recommend that you check out her videos too!

2.   The Pretty Books

This is most possibly the first book blog I started to read on a full-time basis, I even get the emails to tell me when Stacey, the blogger, had posted. I actually began reading a blogpost during my lecture the other dayit is so easy to do and very quick as she has the power of simplicity within her blog. It is great for first-time bloggers to get a feel for blogging and the blogging community. Beautiful layout, great use of pictures and very good topic choices.

Crossing the pond to America and Bookables. This is another blog I read because of the accompanying youtube videos, however Heather is a really concise and frequent writer and again the pictures and topic choices are excellent: because they are so frequent they are well-timed to suit book-releases, film releases (another perk to her blog she does film reviews!) and also the writing is great. Againcheck out her videos too.

4.   Burn or Buy that Book

I love this blog as there are so many interesting posts to read, varying from tags (book-related of course), to book reviews and posts such as 'Top 5 songs to listen to whilst you’re reading'. It is dedicated mostly to Historical Fiction, which I love, but there are other books reviewed on occasion  most recently The Maze Runner by James Dashner. Good blog to read if you fancy reading more than just book recommendations.

5.   Between Order and Random

This is a blog that will call to the hearts of many YA book readers. It has the perfect layout the pastel, bunting heading just entrapped me and the fact that is has funny .gifs along with most of the posts is a plus. The reviews themselves are detailed and have a great range of subjects to pick through. The blog itself mainly focuses on YA but this is good during such a YA orientated time, definitely worth a visit!

So that is it for my current favourite bloggers. Let me know if there are some book bloggers you think I should check out! I’m always on the look out!

Happy Reading & Merry Christmas!

Disclaimer: This post is entirely personal preference.

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