Wrap Up // November

November Wrap-Up

This month’s wrap-up is going to be fairly short and won’t consist of a To-Be-Read as I am going to accumulate that into another post on Christmas books!


1.   The Death Cure James Dashner:

This is the last of The Maze Runner Trilogy and whilst I did enjoy it I think it was my least favourite of the three books. It was certainly the least memorable of the three as I sit here trying to write this mini-review and I find I can hardly remember what happenedthat is not a good sign when I only read it about thirty days ago...from what I can remember it felt a little static and also a little forced in places with the ending not really having as much a gripping factor as it should have done and the rest of the story being a little backwards. What I do remember was thinking how this book will be a good movie when the rest of the Maze Runner trilogy is made into movies, unfortunately I just found it a little of a chore to read which is shame.


2.   The Poppy Factory Liz Trenow
I’m not going into too much detail as I have just reviewed this book. It was a good read, strong sense of the Poppy Factory but a little tiresome in other places and a little clichéd in others. A good read if you want to start reading more World War One prose or are interested in why we wear poppies on remembrance day.



3.   Poppy Mary Hooper

Another story I am not going to go into too much detail about. This, of course, another World War One book this book and the above were the two books I read in place of ‘Remembrance’ by Theresa Breslin which I left at University by accident and so never picked up This is a child-to-YA story and it is a sweet read with a sequel on the way, and as I said in the review: I want to read the sequel. So if I want to read the sequel it means that I did enjoy it!



4.   Cinder Marissa Myer

I READ IT! Hallelujah! It has taken me forever to get around to it but I finally read Cinder and I really enjoyed it. It took about thirty pages for me to get into it as I was little off-put by the setting of New Beijing, a disease that seemed to mimic the plague and also the inclusion of a nice step-sister but after the first thirty pages I really got into it.
It is a bionic and futuristic version of Cinderella Cinder is a cyborg who can’t remember anything from when she was 11 and lives with her adoptive step-mother (her adoptive father died before she really met him) Of course there is the evil step-mother and the evil step-sister but one is nice, unfortunately this is the one that gets the evil plague! The characters are good: Cinder is a Katniss Everdeen kind-of-figure, just wants to protect her sister, is a little grumpy, wants to escape etc. There is a prince, an evil moon queen who can make you do what you want, a scientist who knows more than he lets on and a droid that wears lipstick and pearls.
It’s really interesting and a good twist on the tale, with a lot of information which is making me itch to read the next book in the series: Scarlett which I unfortunately can’t until Christmas! It does however end a little too abruptly for me, almost mid-thought, but still: 4.5 stars out of 5! Love it!

So that was my wrap-up. I’m getting into the habit of reading 1 book a week which trust me is good for me right now as I am currently writing 6 essays plus reading a minimum of 80 pages of historical essays a week!

Let me know what you’ve been reading!

Happy Reading!

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