Top 10 Love Stories

Top 10 Love Novels

Disclaimer: These books are my personal choices and are not in any order, they are just 10 books I would recommend to people who fancied reading a love novel.

1.    The Fault in our Stars John Green

-      A staple book for all YA lovers who want to read a love story in return. Warning: Tissues and someone to love might be required upon reading this.


2.   Eleanor & Park Rainbow Rowell

-      I remember feeling so moved and rooting so much for Eleanor & Park, the two misfits of their school. Definitely well-worth reading if you like subtle romance rather than ‘in-your-face’


3.   Where Rainbows End Cecelia Ahern

-      ‘Platonic love’ which turns into ‘true love’anyone got that boy-who’s-just-a-friend-but-not-gay-so-could-be-more?


4.   Time Traveller’s Wife Audrey Niffeneger

-      Another weepy but really beautiful written and beautifully told story. Again Warning: Weepy and adult. You will need chocolate!


5.   Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte

-      Oksome might argue that whilst this has a strong romance in it, it is not a love story I say this after having several full-blown arguments with English Teachers over the years whilst it is a bildungsroman (telling the life story of one character from childhood to adulthood) it is also a romance! Mr Rochester and Jane are soul-mates!


6.   Atonement Ian McEwan

-      This is not one of my favourite love stories, and again many will argue that it is not as the story focuses more on the sister of the girl in love but there is true and sexual love in this story, as well as unrequited and young love set in the 1930s and 1940s nothing like a war to stir up some hasty romantic feelings trust me.


7.   Gone With the Wind Margaret Mitchell

-      Gone with the Wind is complicatedand long. Very long. Over 1000 pages, 3 marriages, loads of death, several years and little romance. It is more about manipulation and blindness we suffer when it comes to love, but it is an epic! So a good readif you have the time.


8.   Twilight Stephanie Meyer

-      In 2008 people would have been nodding their heads like Churchill dogs in cars but nownot so much. But I can’t forget or deny that I think Edward and Bella (In the books) are a cute couple and have a good love story.


9.   Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte

-      Another epic! Heathcliff and Cathythe moors.the screaming and ghosts that never leave youit’s Women in Black meets The Notebook! I swear! The love is so strong throughout it becomes devotion and obsession and everything that is extreme about love! That being said it is a hard readI’ve still only made it to page 103


10. Northanger Abbey Jane Austen

-      I had to get Jane Austen on here somehow. Whilst I can’t deny she has written 6 beautiful love stories Northanger Abbey is my favourite for the simplicity and the themes of young love. Henry Tilney and Catherine Morland would be my perfect relationship!

So there we have itmy Top 10 Love stories!

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