Bookish Bingo // Challenge

Bookish Bingo

Now I don’t know about all of my fellow bloggers and loyal readers but I really struggle to choose a book off my bookcase. If I just bought it I often want to read itbut then I neglect all the books I bought months ago and are yet to read. I get conflicted and often choose a book at random or re-read my favourites. Why is there such a stigma with regards to reading??

Sothanks to: The Girly Geek (Check out her blog at: There is now such a thing as Bookish Bingo!

It is a challenge, but first and foremost it’ll will save you from driving yourself crazy when it comes to choosing a book. There are 45 squares in total all of which contain a goal for the year such as: Read a Memoir or Read a book that has pirates in it. Some are very usual suggestions and others are totally bonkers!

There are three choices of difficulty of which you can choose to play this challenge:

Beginner Try and complete one line of BINGO.

Intermediate - Complete the Entire outside box.

Expert Fill every single square!

This Bookish Bingo is after all a game it is not meant to rule your life. You can freestyle if you like and read as many as you can or just choose ten you wish to complete in the year but ultimately it is a challenge for the yearso, starting from the moment this blog post is up I am going to under-take this challenge. My Goodreads goal for the year is to read 50 books so with the help of this Bingo challenge I am going to try and complete ALL 45 squares!

Wish me luck, as I wish all that choose to under-take in this Bookish Challenge! Let me know if you’re going to have a go!

Happy Reading!



  1. Wow good luck that is a challenge and a half. Happy Reading :-)

  2. It definitely is a challenge but a great amount of fun :) Good luck to you if you try it x