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I am one of the first people to say: I have a lot of books. But you can never have enough! As cliché as that saying is it is completely true! Sohere is a list of the books that I really want to buy for whatever reason!

1.   Seraphina

A story about dragons! I haven’t read a story with dragons since Eragon and that was a good few years ago now! As well as the dragon factor comes an intrigue as the dragons of this story are a race and they can change their skins to look like humanquite a feat when you think of what dragons are supposed to look like!

2.   Divergent Series

I feel like I am joining this bandwagon really lateI have seen the movie but only a few weeks ago but now I think it is time to read the books, particularly with the second movie coming out and remembering how I felt at the end of Hunger Games: Catching Fire I needed to read Mockingjay, I have a feeling that it is going to be the same for Insurgent!

3.   The Handmaid’s Tale

I have never read any Magaret Atwood but this is the novel that always pop up whether it is on University reading lists or other bloggers posts and after reading the premise it has finally intrigued me! Only a few women are able to give birth and so they become ‘breeders’ and I think that this is the story told through the voice of one of these ‘breeders’ as such.

4.   The Secret History

I had Goldfinch by Donna Tartt but I recently sold it as the size was too daunting and the story just didn’t appeal to me. This story however does. It is the book that people who have read it and The Goldfinch have told me should have won all the awards. From what I gather it the tale of a secret society at a school and it involves a killing and so a mystery of whodunit or rather why.

5.   A Great and Terrible Beauty

When I ask people about Libba Bray, who have written quite a few books I often see on Booktube, they always mention this book to me and since it is a historical book I am equally as intrigue as I am about the Secret History. It is set in 1895 and revolves around a girl who is sent to Boarding School in England after her mother dies, and she has visions or clairvoyant tendencies. This is the first book in a trilogy

6.   Lobsters

The laugh-out-loud book of the Young Adult section in 2014. This is a quote from a friend who clearly excited when I mentioned I want to get this book. Like she said: it is funny, it is YA and I think it involves a love story and a losing your virginity twist.

7.  Second Chance Summer

A family who get on but aren’t close receive bad news and decide to spend one last summer in their holiday home where they begin to reconnect. The protagonist also gets to meet a friend who she hasn’t spoken too in 5 years and who is still angry at her for something, not to mention her first boyfriend who is considerably cuter aged 17 than aged 12! Just sounds light and fluffy and fresh.

8.   The Night Circus

I have had this book on my want to buy list for ages and I am going to buy it soon! As soon as my paycheck comes in! I want this book! I can’t even remember what it is about but I just want it the cover is just gorgeous!


These are the books I want to buy - if not only for their storylines but also their covers! Most of these are gorgeous! If you have any recommendations let me know I love buying books as much I like to read them!

Happy Reading!


  1. I loved the Night Circus! Although it's is a tad predictable (no spoilers), I really did enjoy it.

    For Divergent I hope you are already warned that lots of people hate the ending. I admit it wasn't the ideal ending but to me it was still satisfying enough.

    I'll be adding the Handmade's Tale to my To-read list. Great List!

  2. I must admit...I have now bought everything single one of these books! They are all on their way...and I am most excited about Seraphina and the Night Circus - even if it a little predictable, sometimes I find that quite enjoyable as it makes it light-hearted and stops me from getting too stuck on complicated books.

    I must also, shamefully, admit that I googled the Divergent books so I do know the ending - and it was like being punch in the stomach and then thrown out a window, even when I hadn't seen the movie or read any of the stories - but like you said: it is satisfying. I just hope that the writing is good.

    I'll let you know if Handmaid's Tale is any good... :) Happy Reading