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From Page to Screen

Today’s Book to Film choice is:


by Helen Fielding.

A fun favourite of all chic lit readers, and for many girls breaching the gap between teenager and adult.

The 1996 novel by Helen Fielding is fairly famous, mostly due to the wonderful adaption of the book in 2001 which included the cast:

-      Renee Zellweger

-      Colin Firth

-      Hugh Grant

-      Gemma Jones

-      And the woman out of Miranda! (Sally Phillipsshe says ‘fuck’a lot.)

To begin the review: we’ll start with the book. The book is written entirely in Diary form beginning with Bridget’s New Year’s Resolutions which include: Quit smoking, no longer drinking more than 14 units of alcohol a week and to form a functional relationship with an adult. The first chapter is called: “January: An Exceptionally Bad Start’. The story goes from there and it is wickedly humorous, very easy to read and great in all times of life.
 You can read it wrapped in a blankie with a hot chocolate, or when you’ve had a break-up (seriously! A chic lit book that doesn’t make you sad that you’re single!)  I think that it is the perfect read for the New Year and will set you up well!

The writing style is fantastic, simple and quirky, with great humour (If a little out-dated due to it being almost 20 years old!) The story is fabulous and is even cleverly based on ‘Pride & Prejudice’ although I wouldn’t recommend reading Bridget Jones’s Diary to get out of Englishthere are some differences! PICK UP THE CLASSIC!

Basically: Bridget Jones is the 90s version of our generation’s ‘Miranda’, so if you love Miranda and are still sobbing thanks to its departure off our screens earlier this week then pick up Bridget Jones Diary!

Or if you’ve read the book, or want to do a test run first: Watch the movie!

Like I said, it includes some of Britain’s top romantic actors, and even a Texan woman playing a very convincing brit! The film does not plod and I defy you not to laugh at, at least, one line! It includes Christmas Jumpers, tarts & vicars parties, the funniest fight I think I’ve ever seen and definitely the worst cooking I’ve ever seen! Great fun, perfect for a night in with the girls, your mother or just your cat!

Anyone feel a rendition of: ‘All by myself!’ coming onanyone? (You’ll understand that reference, if you watch the film)

But overall, read the book, watch the film: whilst (a little) outdated humour-wise, it is still great fun and easy to read/watch. Great fun for the New Year and to light up those depressing January days!

Happy Reading!

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