From Page to Screen // The Maze Runner

From Page to Screen

Today’s Book to Film choice is:

By James Dashner

I relatively new release in the film world, having been released in September 2014. The book series is completed and even has a prequel so if you fancy a new dystopian series you’ll probably enjoy this.

Film Cast:

-      Dylan O’Brien

-      Thomas Brodie-Sangster

-      Will Poulter

-      Kaya Scodelario
Director: Wes Ball
Released: 2014

Book Review

I recently completed the Maze Runner series and I would recommend it. The first book ‘The Maze Runner’ is quite clearly the best. It is fast-paced, easy-to-read and enjoyably mysterious. The following two don’t disappoint exactly but they are not up to the standard of the first book and that is because the premise of the book changes. The Maze Runner is about a young boy called Thomas who wakes up one day in a lift that brings him up into a fenced off field a huge field  called the Glade with about 20 other boys. All of whom don’t know why they are there, who there are and why outside of the fence is there is a maze. Thomas wants to study the maze as a runner and it becomes his ambition to be a runner. Which is how the story begins and later revolves.

It is a good story, dark but comical in places to, the characters are likable and easy to visualise and there is even a hint of romance but not in the ‘lovey-dovey’ way, which I love! A girl called Teresa is sent up to the Glade and is able to talk to Thomas telepathically. But they’ve never met.

A lot of questions are asked throughout the book and the finale lets it down for some people as it leaves it on a cliff-hanger but I enjoyed the series and would give it 5 out of 5 stars the rest of the seriesnot so much.


Film Review

So I saw the film on the day it came out. I was reading the book at that point and I wanted to know how they were going to bring it to life and Iloved it. The movie was great, one of the best book to film adaptions in my opinion. The storylines were followed, the characters were great Dylan O’Brien, Will Poulter, Thomas Brodie- Sangster, Kaya Scodelario a great cast! Although I found it funny that it had a majority of British actors and they all, except one, spoke in American accents. Odd note.

I enjoyed the visualisation of the Glade and even the maze, the previously un-imagined ‘grievers’ (the creatures who live in the maze) were terrifying don’t take your 10 old brother who still has nightmares to this movie unless he has a pillow to hide behind! But I loved the scary factor, with a book-film with this kind of plot ‘we don’t know who we are, what we’re doing, or what’s happening’ there needs to be fear. Imagine if you couldn’t remember anything but your name and were being kept in a boxed of maze.terrifying.

Overall the adaption was a great, the cast were phenomenal it was just the slightly sudden, with no energy, ending that let it down but it was exactly as it happened in the book so I’ve got to give them props for that!

In my opinionI think this is a tie! I loved the first book of this series and I really enjoyed the movie so I am going to tie this, as the book to film adaption was great, and everything I hoped would happen did, it is definitely one of my favourite Page to Screen adaptions! So: Check it out!

Happy Reading!


  1. Interesting, my favorite of the series was "The Scorch Trials"! That just goes to show how everyone is different. :)
    The book was better than the movie, but I love the cinematic effects of the movie. There were a few differences from the book, but overall, they did a great job!

  2. It is interesting - I did enjoy 'The Scorch Trials' it was the last book I had my main issues with but the second book dragged a little for me. I think being halfway through the book when I saw the movie and then finishing it after seeing the movie countered my decision a little :)