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Moonchild by Ewa Zwonarz


Author: Ewa Zwonarz is a polish-american writer with and interest in myths, mysteries and unified sciences with an interest in discovering the truth of origins of humans. Moonchild is her first novel. She requested that I review her book.

Rating: ****


I enjoyed Moonchild and that is pleasantly surprising, not because I expected to hate it far from it but it is about a subject I have never broached before unless you compare it to Cassandra Clare’s ‘The Mortal Instruments’ and I think that is almost an insult to Ewa’s research.

The story is set in Poland in 1995, a fact that I had to keep reminding myself of whenever the protagonist, Evelina (Eve) listened to cassette tapes of bands no one’s heard of. Eve is not a typical protagonist, she is the younger sister of two in a family that is collapsing in on itself due to her abusive father and a mother who is harbouring a dark secret.

An issue with the story are the characters, they are numerous and some appear heavily at the beginning and then never again, and some are merely mentioned and then appear with importance at the end. It got confusing remembering who was who and also broke away from my expectations at the end but there is still enough story to follow but it feels almost Ewa began writing it in January and then completed it 6 months later, not with a clear picture of what she wanted to happen but this is just from my reading and there is still a solid story within in.

The language, although beautiful and incredibly atmospheric, involves a lot of references to Nephilim and fallen angels, with some mentions that I didn’t understand, but that is just due to my lack of knowledge of that kind of world. It didn’t hinder the book as much as I thought it would and by the end I knew what was happening and had learnt a few things.

The best thing about the story, in my opinion, was the family dynamic. Evelina’s family and the secrets that are revealed, which are revealed early, are well developed and feel real which as a writer is a difficult and a highly praise-worthy thing.

If you are interested in reading more books with a supernatural qualities and have a little knowledge of angels, and by little I mean anything from minor, I think this will be a good book for you. If you are looking for something completely new, that doesn’t really have a category, I also recommend this book. I wouldn’t know where to fit this book it’s slightly YA, with adult tones, there is also some fantastical elements to it. It’s good.

It surprised me, I enjoyed it, and sometimes I couldn’t even put it down. I recommend it.

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