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Top 10 Classics

I want to read!

I wanted to do a general Top 10 Classics, and whilst I definitely have read ten classicsI want/need to read more, so I decided to write this post instead! As a list of the next top ten classics I want to read!

1.   Pride & Prejudice: This may come as a revelation to some, it definitely came as a revelation to my family who were shocked this Christmas when I revealed that I hadn’t read the arguably definitive Jane Austen novel! But I haven’t and I want to!

2.   The Great Gatsby: This may seem like a pathetic excuse as to why I have avoided this novel but I felt it was too American. It is like the American Novel! It was never on any of my School reading lists, no one in my English lit class ever recommended it and none of my friends have read it. But I think I need to.

3.   Frankenstein: I have read excerpts, seen movies and indeed the Danny Boyle play with the two Sherlock’s, but I have never picked up this book, even though I think it was written by a great young woman!

4.   The Picture of Dorian Gray: I attempted this book several years ago and didn’t get into it and I think that is down to my lack of understanding of vanity and also of Oscar Wilde. I would like to see if my understanding has matured a little by now!

5.   To Kill a Mockingbird: My English Lit class read ‘Macbeth’ instead of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and since none of the other class, which did read Harper Lee’s book, ever said a bad word about it I feel like I missed out! I haven’t been able to pick up and read this book although I have owned about three copies of it over the last two years! I even bought tickets to see the play to better understand it but was ill on the day of the showing! Something is stopping me, but it will not stop me forever!

6.   Catcher in the Rye: Another classic I cannot believe I haven’t read before! I have no idea what this is about, I don’t even know if the protagonist is male or female! How shameful is that??

I think I am literally writing a list of the Top Ten Classics Ever and I haven’t read any! I think everyone is starting to wonder what Classics I have read!

7.  Wuthering Heights: I am going to include this novel although I have gotten half way through it, twice, but never finished it. I adore the Bronte sisters, absolutely love them, but I cannot get through this book whether it is the language, the storyline that is fairly boring on paper in my eyes but amazing as a story overall, or simply because every character seems to have the same name! I cannot reach the end. But I will not stop trying!

8.   Les Miserables: After the movie came out I wanted to read the books straight away, but the fact they came in two volumes and were still each longer than the equivalent of Fangirl or Divergent I got scared off. But I want to see how the book differs from the play and film both of which I have seen and loved!

9.   Anne of Green Gables: When I was younger I used to spend the summer at my Great-Aunt’s house and every night she would read a few pages of this to me. But since I only ever stayed a week and was often so tired from a happy day out that she only read one or two I never finished the book even though she started it at least 4 times so, I will one day finish this book on principle that I began it so long ago!

10. War and Peace: This is an utter bonkers choiceI knowbut I want to read this novel one day in the very distant future! I always thought it was a non-fiction book, until recently, and since the BBC have commissioned a TV show with literally 3 of my favourite actors in it all of whom are gorgeous! I am suddenly interested in this book. Clearly it is not for the literary aspects, for which I apologise to Mr Tolstoy, but I can’t help it!

That is my Top Ten Classics to Read list and I hope you enjoyed it and weren’t too startled by my lack of upbringing with classic novels. I have read the child’s classics but not the adult can you see why I need to get on this! Let me know if there are any other Classics you think I should read and let me know what you think of any of these books if you have read them!

Happy Reading!


  1. Those are *great* books!!! Check out the comment I left for you on G+.

  2. I absolutely love The Great Gatsby, To Kill A Mockingbird, and Pride & Prejudice!!