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by John Green

I don’t think it is a false accusation to say that this has to have been one of the most talk about books of 2014, if not the most. It is a book loved by millions and has since turned into a book equally as loved by millions.

The book was released in 2012 with the film adaption following suit incredibly quickly in July 2014.

The cast included:

-      Shailene Woodley Hazel Grace Lancaster

-      Ansel Elgort Augustus Waters

-      Nat Wolff Isaac

-      Willem Dafoe Peter Van Housten

I was late to the bandwagon with this book, I hadn’t even started to book blogging when the movie came out! My sister took me with her as she refused to go alone and ‘cry like a larry’. I would have happily gone on my own I am not afraid to weep like a champion!

Movie Review

SoI saw the movie first. And yes I did cry, I enjoyed it and you cannot help but get attached and feel the stupid ‘fate-l’ consequences! My favourite scene: the bench scene in Amsterdam when Gus tells Hazel the bad news It was so simple and well-actedI sobbed. Not as much as my sister who had to hide her face in my coat!

Whilst the movie is fundamentally a sob-fest because of the subject matter it is also a film/book of questions and points that remind us that even when life is short it can be full! The movie does well at using humour and irony to put across that these children/young adults dying of cancer are human beings that have lives outside of cancer. Snaps to the actors! This is one of my favourite Shailene Woodley’s performance, I cannot say I am huge fan of her work elsewhere, not because she isn’t good but because I just haven’t been fond of the other films including Divergent *gasp* but this isn’t that series if you would like to hear my views on that please go to:

Fault in our Stars is a very good movie. It is also a very good movie adaption.

Book Review

I think there was three notable missing things in the film to the book and that is:

-      Caroline Gus’s girlfriend who had previously died of cancer

-      Katelyn Hazel’s best friend

-      And a scene in which Gus is seen fighting with his mum before he goes to Amsterdam with Hazel and her mum.

These are very minor subtractions and don’t take anything from the plotbutI have to now mention the book and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I hoped.

Whether this is because I saw the movie first or because of the hype I am not so sure, but I know that when it came to reading ‘Fault in our Stars’ by the end it felt like an obligation. I didn’t mind John Green’s writing style, I wasn’t a huge fan however, I also didn’t mind the plots twistsand-turns, it was still very moving but I didn’t care as much as I did in the film.

I may have just alienated half of my YA audience of readers since I have just insulted the ‘bible’ of YA fiction and ‘Divergent’ in one blogposts, but in my personal opinion the film was better.

I liked the story, I loved the humour and emotion Isaac and the trophy scene is a close second favourite and I liked the fact that I could go and see a movie with my sister in which we both sobbed and both enjoyed that is a rarity for us! All in all, I like this story, but I preferred it visually to imaginatively.

Let me know your thoughts and feelings!

Happy Reading!


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