The Night Circus // Review

The Night Circus


Author: Erin Morgenstern is an author and multimedia artist, from Massachusetts America. The Night Circus was her debut novel in 2011 and since has since to publish another book.  She was rejected by more than 30 literary agents before signing with Doubleday and publishing The Night Circus which has since become a bestseller and won numerous awards.

Rating: *****


I loved this book. It is the first book of the year, for me, that has made me excited to leave University to come home to read this book! I had a bulky, hard-back verion and it lumped it with me wherever I went, regardless of how heavy my bag already was, simply because I sometimes couldn’t bear to part with it! I loved it!

The story has a fairy-tale/fantasy feel to it, as the story revolves around Celia Bowen and Marco Alisdair in a challenge that they are pulled into at a very early age. The challenge is set in this Night Circus which is the Circus of Dreams. That is a very basic description of the plot as there are about ten other main characters, as well as a several plot twists, different narrators and set changes.

The story is set from 1860s until 1903 fundamentally in London, but since it is a circus the scene changes to Prague, New York, Germany etc all the time. The magic of it is that these places do not have much detail at all, the most descriptive place is the Circus and by the end of the novel you will know quite a few of the nooks and crannys of the setting.

Can I just say as well: How gorgeous is the cover!
It is a beautifully written, easy to picture and absolutely fantastic to immerse yourself in. I could picture the Ice Garden, the Labyrinth and the Cloud Maze with such ease that it is hard to imagine that such places don’t exist. Morgenstern, who wrote the book on a whim, holds together an intricate narrative cleverly so that even when it is confusing the characters are confused as well as you, so it feels like its right to be confusing!

The characters are well-developed and the ending is suitable, whilst not all of the events of the book is explained it isn’t necessary, in my opinion, and works well with that hint of mystery.

I would definitely recommend this book to people with vivid imaginations and who like to immerse themselves in books because this book is wonderfully enchanting and interesting to follow!

I also know, from the authors website, that Summit Entertainment have bought the film rights for this book, so I can only hope they create a movie soon worthy of the book although  I will go to see it regardless! Just to see this circus come to life!

(Tip: to enjoy this book even more I recommend you watch ‘Cirque Du Soleil: World’s Away’ alongside it. It is on Netflix and I watched it a few days before I read the book and it made it so much easier to imagine the circus and the characters as I have never been to a circus before! Just a tip though I believe the book will be just as magical without it!)

Happy Reading!


  1. Lovely review! The Night Circus is one of my favs. I'm really curious to see the movie, even if it's not quite a good one. I just think it'll be cool to see the Cirque des Rêves come to life.

  2. I loved this book and have been hearing about the movie for a while but unfortunately I don't think they even have a cast as yet.

  3. Thanks Soudha, I think it will be a great movie to - difficult but interesting!

  4. Hi Kayla, I think it might be a while before we see a movie but I am hopeful! Visually I think it could be outstanding! :)

  5. I am soooo ready to read this book! I purchased it back in November of last year, and because I was so booked up with other titles, I haven't gotten the chance to get around to it. Hopefully in May or June I'll finally be able to pick it up. Nice review, very concise and to the point :)

  6. Hi Martika, thanks for your kind comments. I was the same! I bought the books months ago and simply put it off for no reason: and I loved it!! I recommend you read it as soon as possible! It's brilliant. :)