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World Book Day!
Favourite Children’s Books!
In honour of World Book Day, which is today and makes me sad I am not dressed up as Alice in Wonderland or Mr Noddy I am doing a relevant post on Children’s Literature! Namely the books I remember reading as a child and also some of the best children’s books of the day!
Currently, as you may know from previous posts, I am reading:
-      The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
 For the first time. I loved the stories growing up as I had a condensed children’s version, which I still have and read from time to time, but I never read the proper books. They are a timeless collection of stories and I would recommend all parents to read it to their children, whether the originals or the condensed versions.

-      Bible Stories
I am not religious, I may wear a silver cross and have read the children’s old and New Testament but I do not think of myself as religious. But I love the stories. There is something political and moral about them, of course, but as a child I just enjoyed the idea of a man who was able to bring back the dead or heal the sick. As well as all the tales of boys fighting lions and multi-coloured coats!
-      Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield
This is perhaps one of the more female based books of my childhood since Ballet Shoes is about three young girls who are poor and so go to a performance school to learn to act and dance to support themselves as performers. As a young girl wanting to be an actress this was a really inspirational book to me, even if it is completely outdated now if you want to become an actress!
-      The Story of Tracey Beaker by Jacqueline Wilson
To be honestanything but Jacqueline Wilson! ‘The Worry Website’, ‘Dustbin Baby’ or even her autobiography: ‘Jackie Daydream’. I loved quite a lot of Jacqueline Wilson’s work! But Tracey Beaker was definitely my favourite!
-      Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian
I remember reading this in class in Primary School and I loved it. I didn’t read it again for several years and now I have probably re-read it at least twice more! I love this story. It was my introduction to World War Two and probably where I garnered my fascination for that War and the previous one.
Now for an honourable mention as it is not technically a book of stories:
-      Please Mrs Butler by Allan Ahlberg
Does anyone else remember this? I loved this book of verse at school and I think all of my class could recite ‘Please Mrs Butler’ by heart. The copy I have is the original and my sister now uses it for her primary school teaching, but I loved it! And you can tell by the battered front cover with my name in ink still faded across it!
So there are just a few of my childhood books in honour of World Book Day! I hope everyone enjoys themselves and dresses it up where appropriate as it is a brilliant day of literature and learning and love for books!

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