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Writers are people I deeply respect, not only because of the amount of time they spend on their work but also because they have the patience and the guts to deal with the editing, the publication, the marketing and PR etc that comes with publishing their workthat is a lot of stuff. It is not simply write a book/anthology/play hand it in and see it on the shelf the following day there is a lot of work to it.

That being said, I hope to one day be an author/poet. I have come close already but not succeeded, I won’t say unfortunately as I know that I have time to get there!

But today, in honour of feeling of respect to writers in general, I thought I would do a post on some of my favourite writers.

1.   J.K. Rowling I will start off with one of my favourite authoresses. I am writing this in terms of the Harry Potter series as I have yet to read any of her ‘Robert Galbraith’ novels. In terms of Rowlings work I read it every summer and if that doesn’t constitute to favouritism I don’t know what does. What I love about her work is the simplicity and the characters, they emanate warmth and friendship even when they are annoying or stupid. It’s like a family in a book, it’s simply wonderful.

2.   John Keats My favourite poet. I know that he died, tragically, many many years ago but I love his poems. Endymion is my favourite, particularly the first few stanzas, and many of his other poems are gorgeous! If you like classic poetry or fancy reading more classic poetry I would definitely recommend him! He is amazing!

3.   The Bronte Sisters I could not choose a single Bronte sister to discuss within favourite writers: they were all geniuses, not just for their work but how they managed it. They were governesses, except Emily who was a spinster who stayed at home, and they wrote in the dark of their dining room once their father went to work. They hardly left Haworth, where they lived, and they had very dull, monotonous lives yet they created such characters, such atmospheres and surroundings and the stories and beautiful woven and writtenand I could gush all day long!

4.   Michelle Magorian I have great respect for Magorian who takes difficult subjects and makes them moving, understandable to children and still suitable. Not to mention the poignancy and the beauty of her stores i.e. Goodnight Mister Tom.

5.   Cecelia Ahern I think Ceceila Ahern is the only authoress whose love-stories don’t make me roll my eyes. Yes they can be irritating but I still like them, they ‘warm the cockles of my heart’ to coin the phrase.

So there’s a few of my favourite writers, a mix of poets and authors. I was trying to think of a screen/scriptwriter as well but to be honest I appreciate many screenwriters so I might do that as a separate post J

I hope you enjoyed this post, and please let me know who you’re favourite writers are.

Happy Reading!

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