Outlander: Book Vs TV Series // VS

An odd post today, a ‘versus’ on the television series of Outlander vs the book which I am currently reading.

I was first introduced to the Television series of Outlander by a video by BooksandQuills and I am now hooked. Who wouldn’t be by the prospect of the Scottish Highlands, the Scottish accents and a bit of time-travel!

Basically: Claire Beauchamp a married 1940s combat nurse is on her 2nd honeymoon with her husband Frank in the highlands when she visits a set of stones similar to Stonehenge and is transported back in time to 1740s Scotland. She apprehended by a group of Scots, including a young man called Jamie, and over the course of the book/series she is held captive, arrested, tried, has an affair etcand it is brilliant!


I am currently in the throes of reading the book, but since I am up to the bit that the TV series is also currently up in airing time I thought this was a good time to do this post.

The book itself is actually called: Cross-Stitch in Britain and Outlander everywhere else, I don’t know why the name changed as ‘Cross-Stitch’ doesn’t seem that appropriate to me, but still. The book is large and only number one of many...! Diana Gabaldon wrote it back in the early 1990s and it has received critical acclaim and I can see why!

Not only is it incredibly to read it is also high-paced, well-written, exciting and just generally great! The plot moves very well with the characters being not only relatable but wonderful. You will fall in love with Jamie Fraser, let me just tell you that now!

The dialogue is the best thing about it as I don’t even need to think about the Scottish accent to hear it in the way that it is written.


Television Series

The TV series began last year and aired 10 episodes as a part 1 to the series, and part 2 is currently airing.

I have to say that this is one of the best Book to Television adaptions I have watched in a long-while (probably since the first Game of Thrones adaption) the dialogue is practically the same because it flows so well and the acting is superb, not to mention the cast: Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser is the best piece of casting I think I may have ever seen. He is a whole-hearted Scottish man by blood anyway, he is incredibly handsome which also helps but he is Jamie in all but name it seems.

Sam Heughan
The actress who plays Claire, Catriona Balfe who is in fact Irish plays the kind of stuck-up Claire very well, and goes for it in most scenes.

Pre-Warning! This show is pretty much the Scottish version of Game of Thrones with the nudity, the graphic violence and the foul language, so not really a series to watch with your Grandmother. That being said the book is equally as graphic.

You can watch the series on Amazon Prime in the UK or on television in America and I would heartily recommend it!

Now, as for the VS and which one won the ‘contest’ as such, I say it isthe Television Adaption simply because it is pretty much the book on screen which just increases my enjoyment of the book and the series. I love it and I heartily recommend it if you like a good love story, time-travel, history or just want something similar to Game of Thrones in your life! J

Happy Reading!








  1. I loved the books for years (and still do) and love the show as well.

  2. I loved the books for years (and still do) and love the show as well.

  3. The books (or at least the one I'm reading!) are great! I'm definitely going to get the whole series! And Outlander is possibly my favourite show of the moment :)