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What with my Worst Couples in Literature post recently gone up I thought I should do the follow up of ‘The Best Couples in Literature’ the ones you root for and are glad when they finally get together, or are traumatised when something happens that stops them :’(

Without further ado let us get into this list of classic and modern day literature

WARNING: May contain spoilers of the novels

1.   Catherine and Henry Tilney (Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen)

Now of course there is also Mr Darcy and Elizabeth (Pride & Prejudice) by Jane Austen as well, but there is something so wonderful at the relationship between Catherine and Henry it makes me go all jittery. Unlike Darcy and Elizabeth they know they like each other straight away, and that there is a possibility for romance. It is not insta-love and it isn’t lightening-hitting-full-force love either. It is simplistic and realistic and lovely.

2.   Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mellark (The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins)

I love this couple. It is pretty much the opposite of Northanger Abbey but I can’t help it I love them both. Katniss never plans on falling in love with Peeta but it is sweet how it happens and she doesn’t realise it. Some people of course hate the ending of Mockingjay but I don’t mind it. Peeta is just so lovely except when he turns kind of mental, but even then his sarcasm is great!

3.   Hazel and Augustus (The Fault in Our Stars by John Green)

Okay, so I’m not the biggest fan of this book, still I can see the beauty in the relationship between Hazel and Gus. Gus is pretty much the boyfriend we all dream of, minus the cancer of course, but these things happen and you can’t help who you fall in love with! But I do like this couple.

4.   Winnie and Jesse (Tuck Everlasting Natalie Babbit)

This, technically, isn’t a love a story it is a children’s book about a family who drank from a spring and now cannot age. The youngest son Jesse Tuck meets Winnie and stops her from drinking from the spring. Because she discovers its power the family have to kidnap her for her own safety to explain. Having been brought up in quite an austere home she loves being with this odd family and she and Jesse bond and practically fall in love. It’s a shame it doesn’t work out but it is relationship you really root for because they are such a cute couple.

5.   Allie Hamiliton and Noah Calhoun (The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks)

There’s nothing more romantic than spending pretty much your entirely life trying to prove to a girl you love her. And then making her realise it and having to do it all again as she begins to slip away through Dementia I feel emotional just thinking about it!

6.   Eleanor and Park (Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell)

I read this a few months back and I loved it! I particularly loved the couple within it the diversity: Eleanor is ginger and slightly overweight, Park is Asian and a bit of an odd-sort at their school. These are normal people to me, not ‘odd’ characters at all which is probably why I adore their realistic story.

So I couldn’t think of a 7th and I didn’t want to force the question I know that there a plenty of lovely romantic couples out there to choose from but the above 6 are definitely the ones I feel for the most!

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Happy Reading!



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