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By Cecelia Ahern

This is the only Cecelia Ahern book I have read, although I have several of her others and I intend to read themeventually. But I admit to struggling with romantic books even ones with twists and emotional plots that dig deeper than light-hearted flings like Ahern’s books.

The book in question has two titles as a result of the movie that was made because of it: Love, Rosie.

The Cast of said movie were:

-      Lily Collins - Rosie Dunne

-      Sam Claflin - Alex

-      Jamie Winstone -

-      Christian Cooke - Greg

And many others.

The book and film are set in Dublin surprising in the movie since none of the young cast have Irish accentsonly their parents?

But I digress. I read the book first surprisingI know! so we’ll begin with that!

Book Review

I got a copy of ‘Where Rainbow’s End’ from my local Books for Free shop at University and I was so happy! I had just seen the trailer for ‘Love, Rosie’ and was going through a Sam Claflin phase no shame! so it was great luck to find the book and get it for free!

I read the book over a matter of days. It was very easy to get through as the chapters are written in terms of IM’s (set in early 2000s), text messages, emails and other methods of conversation. This makes for an interesting visual experience, as well as giving it and easy-to-put-down-and-pick-up  feel.

The characters, Alex and Rosie, are platonic friends who experience one drunken kiss aged 18 and then continue on as friends for several years unaware of each other’s feelings for the other. More-Than-Friend’s relationships are a common theme within the book with Rosie’s daughter taking on the same form of relationship with her best friend too.

There is a lot of humour, some interesting plots twists and a great inclusion of modern conversation Cecelia Ahern clearly writes a lot of emails! but there is a certain irritation to the book as the story spans from when Alex and Rosie meet at pre-school to being 50 years old. You want to bang their heads together, shove them in one room and tell them to get their act together.

Yet by the end you also want to hug and high-five them for being very sweet.

Movie Review

The movie came out in 2014 and it feels very much like a British movie trying to be American whilst set in Irelandslightly confused geographically I think.

The Girl meets Boy theme, the big dreams: Alex wants to be a Doctor and Rosie wants to run a Hotel one day. Each of these dreams are not very well explained in the movie, the fact that Alex wants to be/is a Doctor is mentioned twice I thinkbut these dream-jobs are a large part of the book so I’m glad they stuck to them in the film.

The acting is good perhaps not as realistic as we might hope but still quite butterfly-in-stomach cute. I really like the chemistry between Claflin and Collins, it seems believable as a friendship and towards the end develops realistically romantically but I don’t think I would believe them as Romeo and Juliet

The writing is good, there is no ‘uhh-I’d-never-say-that’ moments, and there are certainly humorous moments (bed-frame!) and also forced humorous moments (Herb!) - but you still giggle so it all counts.

The main difference between book and film, I feel, is that the book goes up until the characters are in their 50s whereas the movie goes up to their early 30s. I can understand why though Actors age-limits but it is frustrating since so much more happens in the book then the film because of this larger gap.

The other noticeable thing was the lack of Alex’s character. The story is very much focused on Rosie, probably 80-20 ratio, whereas the book is a little more even at 60-40. Rosie is definitely the protagonist yet the film seems to forget Alex is there or needs some more explanations beyond: ‘I’m getting marriedI’m getting married again’ It makes for a clunky storyline at times and also a dip in chemistry as the characters  seem to never talk or are constantly fighting.

Still a decent rom-com movie: great for a chick-flick night with the girls or to watch when doing homework or bored.

Overall I liked both butI preferred the book. It was well executed and written, in all the modern and less-than modern ways, easy to understand and surprisingly gripping for a platonic relationship turned head-over-heels love! The movie just had too much of a dipping action to it to make me find it really amazing, but I would still recommend both as they both have their vices and their virtues!

Happy Reading!

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  1. I'm so glad you wrote this review! I had read and loved the book a few years before the movie came out and after watching the movie trailer, I wasn't sure if I would really enjoy it. I guess I'll give the movie a go after all :)