If I Could...Visit any place in a Book // If I Could...

If I could visit one place in any book throughout all of time I would visit:


It might seem a slightly obvious choice, I have been reading the books lately and it is one of the best known places in children’s literature but I would love to go there!

Step through a magical wardrobe, or stand on a train platform, go through a portrait or be magically whisked away to this magical land of talking animals, old virtues and beauty. No matter where the protagonists go it seems to be beautiful:

-      Snow-covered lands with the warm light of a lamppost.

-      Cair Paravel, the castle fit for the greatest of Kings and Queens over-looking the clearest water of the Eastern Sea

-      The Telmarine’s castle, impressive and large

-      The forests with the dancing trees and talking animals

It sounds like paradise. A true fictional paradise which I would, if real, visit, holiday or simply immigrate too! Who wouldn’t want to have a talking mouse for a neighbour?

Wellhaving read about Reepicheep and how he lights to fightprobably not a mouse. But the Badgers and Beavers seems quite friendly.

Where would you like to go, if you could visit any literary world?

Honourable Mentions:

-      Hogwarts

-      The Garden of Eden

-      Rivendell

Happy Reading!

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  1. I like this post! It's a very good idea, I've never read anything alike!