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This is a slightly different post, it's on poetry. As some of you may know I am currently at University and I do a Creative Writing course. This year I just completed a poetry module, I will find out how I did in a few weeks but I have actually fallen in love with poetry!

So I thought I would share some of the poetic works I have started to read.

I am currently reading will soon finish “The Worlds Wife” by Carol Ann Duffy:

-      Any of my readers who live in the UK should know that Carol Ann Duffy is currently our poet laureate she writes the poems to commemorate big events in the UK i.e. the Olympics, Royal Weddings etc. This book is incredible I love it!

-      She has taken famous women and famous men and written in the perspective of said famous women or these famous men’s wives: i.e. ‘Mrs Quasimodo’ and ‘Mrs Darwin’. It is a genius idea and fairly funny, moving and beautifully written.

-      This is a book that can be read in an afternoon, is easily understandable but complicated if you want to dig further into the poems but best of all it is a good read in general!

-      I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to get into poetry, the idea is simply brilliant and the poems aren’t difficult but they’re no nursery rhymes either.


“The Complete Poems of Emily Jane Brontë’s”

-      I love the Brontë’s. I absolute adore them! The fact that three girls from a dodgy village, surrounded by death and endless moors, with stigmas attached to their very gender, could write bestselling novels, by hand, in a tiny dining roomI am gushing! I love them!

-      Emily Bronte is brilliant. She spent most of her life at home, had a fiery temper and an active imagination that has spanned hundreds of poems, one of the greatest novels of all times and beautiful paintings if you’re interested in art as well.

-      I fell in love with Emily’s poems after reading: Love and Friendship the first stanza just defined my thoughts on friendship relationships and families. I would recommend it as a first read.

-      Now most of her poems haven’t gone down in history as works of genius and some people don’t enjoy them but I really like her poetry. It is poignant, full of imagery and general thoughts which I really like. I find the best poetry is the poetry written without an audience in mind.

“The Complete Poems of John Keats”

-      A romantic poet who died young.

-      Keats is another favourite of mine, his poems are a bit more complicated, but when you hear them read by an actor or just aloud they have a beauty to them that doesn’t necessarily sit in the words but in the words.

-      I would recommend reading his poems aloud for that reason perhaps not the best book to take on the underground.

“Up the Line to Death” edited by Brian Gardner

-      Now I know I have mentioned this book! It is a book of World War One poetry. Easily understandable, beyond moving and important!

-      With the centenary I would recommend this book as a must! It is really good for understanding the war and the poems are really good.

-      Favourites include: ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’ by Wilfred Owen, ‘Common Form’ by Rudyard Kipling and ‘The Deserter’ by Gilbert Frankau.

“Goblin Market” By Christina Rossetti

-      I haven’t completed this book of poetry yet it one of the Little Black Penguin Classics but I have read the poem: Goblin Market it is very clever and has some great rhymes and imagery.

-      It’s well ahead of its time since it was written quite a while ago, but it is an enjoyable little read from what I have so far.

So there are 5 suggestions with regards to poetry. I highly recommend all of them and I shall probably be doing a review on ‘The World’s Wife’ so watch out for that.

Please recommend any poetry anthologies you like, I am interested to read more!

Happy Reading!


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