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The C Word


Author: Lisa Lynch was a successful journalist, but at the age of 28 she discovered a lump in her breast and was diagnosed with breast cancer. What came out of it was a fantastic blog: Alright Tit ( and a book: The C Word. Lisa sadly passed away from cancer in 2013.

Rating: *****


How to write a review of a book that is not only so stupendously well-written, but also true.

The C Word, written by Lisa Lynch partly as blogs from when she was diagnosed with cancer to additional stories when the blog was picked up for publication is a realistic, moving, hilarious book about Lisa’s experiences with Breast Cancer aka The Bullshit.

I don’t know what it is about Cancer, but it is one of those topics that everyone knows so much aboutand yet so little. I think chemo, losing hair, really bad days and operations and that is the basics but Lisa points out the harsh realities of the family and friends attitudes, life being put on hold, the utter honest revelations of chemo for which every cancer sufferer deserves a medal and yet she does so in a way that makes you laugh as well as cry.

Cancer is in fact, as Lisa puts so wonderfully in her book, Bullshit. It seems to be a never-ending catastrophe, but one that can be fought. Lisa fights it with humour and an addiction of Dave Grohl and Louboutins. She should be an idol.

I bought this book after watching the wonderful adaption on BBC the other week with Sheridan Smith I recommend it! and I loved the book as much as the show. I rarely read autobiographies, I come to the conclusion that halfway through te book the authors generally go all ‘Me, Me, Me’ which is precisely what an autobiography is but with The C Word it’s almost like having a one-sided conversation with Lisa rather than an self-absorbed account of her life.

The writing is superb apparently something Lisa was well known for. It is hilarious! I defy anyone not to laugh at some of the jokes and crude language in this book. But most importantly it is honest: 100%, gut-wrenchingly honest. And that makes it a magical piece of writing that is going to stay with me for life.

I totally 1000% give this book a 5 out of 5 stars it is simply brilliant. Recommended reading to anyone Cancer patient, teenager, teachers, fathers and grandparents. It’s fan-bloody-tastic.

Happy Reading!

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