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So not too long ago I did a post on my Top 5 Blogs and people seemed to like it, sohere we go again:

Since I am still fairly new to the bloggersphere I like to read other blogs to see what topics are current, some blogging tips and also, and most importantly, to read other peoples blogs on book blogging! As a book lover I love hearing other people’s opinions it is part of why I blog: to debate and communicate!

Currently my Top 5 go-to Book Bloggers are:

1.   Of Stacks and Cups

Soudha, who runs the blog, is fairly new it seems and yet she is so lovely and helpful when it comes to participating in my blog, and she has a great blog style herself, I love catching up with what she has read! So check her out and have ago at her ‘Disney Princess Tag!’

2.   Queen of Contemporary

This is definitely the book blog of the moment, thanks to her great running of the UKYA chat a few weeks ago Lucy is now one of the most prestigious book bloggers out there. This doesn’t make her any lovely it seems though. Her content is great: interviews, giveaways, wrap-up and TBR’s, everything a blog needs to be an inspiration and she is only a teenager!

3.   Lost in Wonderland

Besides being one of my favourite blogs to look at - there’s something really appealing to the eye on this blog Elle is also really funny: check out her blog post on her first impression of Outlander to see what I mean:

4.   Boats Against the Current

Another eye-catching blog with some really interesting posts. What I love about Laura’s blog is that she doesn’t just limit her blog to books but to writing, to blogging and to other important things to blogger’s i.e. social network. All of this makes her blog really interesting and helpful to newcomer bloggers like me.

And finally:

5.   Laura Plus Books

Another Laura, and another really helpful and interesting blog to read. I love the content of Laura’s blog: she has written about her bookshelves, music, completed book tags and lists and often does ‘Why?’ posts. Really interesting and a fun read.

So they are my Top Book Blogs of the moment! Let me know what book blogs you would recommend, or leave me a link for your own so I can check it out! I love reading new book blogs!

Happy Reading!

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