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All of us, no matter how old or young we are, have one or several characters in books that inspire us. That one character was aspire to be, or be like, the one we love for making us laugh, cry or seek adventure.

A lot of characters inspire me, in some shape or form even if they are fictional!

1.   Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series the epitome of a bonkers girl who has nothing wrong with her and is merely imaginative, open and wise. I love her as a character! There are not enough Luna Lovegoods in the world!

2.   Eleanor from Eleanor & Park I like her bravery and diversity as a character this is partly to the author’s choices but I really like Eleanor as a character.

3.   Aibileen from The Help - It is hard to comprehend how dangerous it was for a coloured woman to speak out against her situation in 1960s let alone in 1960s Mississippi! And Aibilieen does it, along with Minnie and Skeeter. She is a beautifully written character and one of my many favourites in terms of strength.
4.   Jack Firebrace from Birdsong a heart breaking character, he survives so much of the war facing horrible things from the death of friends, horrific mercy killings, a nervous breakdown and the worst feeling a parent can go through. And yet through it all he remains loyal and valiant in the face of everything bad.

5.   Mister Tom from Goodnight Mister Tom I love Mister Tom for being so realistic and warm. As a character he is gruff and outward facing a difficult man but really he is simply warm and lonely. He does everything for William, loving him when no one else did, and he does simply for being a good man.

6.   August from The Secret Life of Bees an under-rated book and an under-rated character. August is the eldest of three black sisters in the 1960s. She owns her own honey business and is a deeply religious and kind woman, taking in Lily knowing full-well she was not who she says she was. She faces adversity and tragedy and she over-comes it all with a smile and devotion to her family and friends.

7.  Eoywn from The Lord of the Rings - it is official that after J.R.R.Tolkien wrote this book series authors and writers of any kind had to watch the whole ‘no man can kill me’ thing as Eowyn totally blew that sentence to pieces! Lord of the Rings doesn’t centre on women not a single woman in the Fellowship! but Eowyn is still pretty awesome for such a male-heavy novel!

8.   Sara from A Little Princess How can a child be as selfless as Sara in A Little Princess? I know I wanted to be her as a child minus the whole losing her dad and being kept prisoner aspect but I could never be as kind or noble as Sara was.

9.   Jo from Little Woman I simply love Jo. She is completely headstrong and has a fiery temper to match her vivid imagination, not to mention the deepest love for her siblings which runs deeper than blood and bone. Incredibly strong and incredibly fascinating to read about!

10. Lucy from The Chronicles of Narnia I love Lucy. She is valiant and just, kind and loyal, and only a child! She guides her older siblings, helps strangers and forgives almost anyone of anything. I love her and her family.

Simple little list of characters that inspire me. Clearly I like characters with strong personalities, loyalty, selflessness and braverywho doesn’t! We all want to be good and kind, but it takes a lot of work even though books make it look easy!

Happy Reading Folks!


  1. Nice list. I agree The Secret Life of Bees is very underrated. Its one of my favourite books and August was my favourite sister. :)

  2. You say a lot of characters inspire you, "even if" they are fictional. I should say for myself that a lot of characters inspire me too, and they are "mostly" fictional. Real people kinda suck :) I think you are very lucky and must feel privileged if you don't agree me on this. But this is understandable, I mean mostly fictional characters being an inspiration, because writers create them to make us resonate with them, and we do so :) We usually don't know so much about their unappealing traits as we do know about that of the real characters.

    My favourite from your list is dear Mister Tom. Because, as you say, he cares a child in need, and he does it warmly. You may have heard this idea that if a person helps others, it is not because this person simply wants to be a good man, but because helping others put them in a good condition and in result prevents him feeling bad about them. Therefore, they say, helping others is actually helping yourself, and being helpful is selfish. What a stupid idea! I mean, okay, scientifically they might be right, but what is the point in declaring helpfulness as a selfish trait? So shall we stop caring others in order not to be a selfish person? What's the point? Anyway, I just adore characters like Mister Tom. If he gain anything by caring William, it's a win-win situation.