Harry Potter Memorabilia Collection

As its summer I always read the Harry Potter books and I have often been called a ‘super fan’, I wouldn’t call myself that as I don’t go out of my way to meet the cast of the films or to go to extravagant means to fulfil my Harry Potter fanship but I certainly have begun collecting things over the last few years.

I went to the Harry Potter Studios last Christmas, and I am going again in a few weeks (I missed out on the Hogwarts Express last time!) and so I thought I would show my little collection of Harry Potter memorabilia as a slightly different post to my usual reviews and Listopia’s.

-      The Books:

Of course I have all of our original Harry Potter books even with my brother’s ‘This book belongs to’ from primary school! They are battered and beaten but they are wonderful and homely too!

I also have a growing collection of ‘Behind the Scenes’ books if you will including:

From Page to Screen and Film Wizardry. Both are massive and both hold different things. In Page to Screen you get every minute detail of the process of making all 8 films as well as interviews and before and afters with regards to the books. In Film Wizardry you actually get bits of memorabilia! Like letters and tickets, Marauders Maps and Weasley Wizard Wheezes! It’s great!

Film Wizardry with it's fold-outs and extra pieces and colourful insides.
I also have the ‘Harry Potter Library’ which is just a hardback collection of 3 books including ‘Quidditch Throguh the Ages’, ‘Fantastical Beasts and Where to Find them’ & ‘The Tales of Beedle the Bard’.

Hogwarts Library
-      The Films

I have all the films and it has got to the point now where I am having to re-purhcase them as they are all scratched and beginning to skip from where I have re-watched them over the years!

-      The Marauders Map

I now have 2: one from Film Wizardry and another print-out copy I got in a Harry Potter collection I bought off of ebayyes I know that that is slightly sad!

-      The Titbits

These are all the little pieces of memorabilia I have collected, including:

-      My personalised acceptance letter to Hogwarts (Yes, again, I know that it is slightly sad!)
-      My 9 & ¾ train ticket x2

-      My Knight Bus Ticket

-      A note from the Minstry of Magic about Owl Post being suspended

-      A list of school items I ‘need’ to buy

I love these little things! They make me smile!

-      A Quaffle

Technically this is my sisters. She bought it when we went to the Studios as she is a primary school teacher and thought it would be fun to use the Quaffle in her PE classes or when teaching the children about literature. But since she left it in my room recently I have incorporated it into my collection.

-      My Time-Turner

Who needs to pay £60 at the studios when you can pay £2 on ebay! I typically got this necklace on a day when I realised I hadn’t handed a piece of coursework in at University and had to rush to get there only to find that the deadline had been pushed back. I really needed the time-turner to work that day!

NOWFor the most important part of my collection

-      My Wand!

Upon being told I was going to Harry Potter Studios I knew instantly that I wanted to buy a wand! It was my one desire..! I didn’t care whose wand, I decided to choose on the day, but I wanted a wand!

I purchased Sirius Black’s wand.

It is a really intricate and beautiful piece, and I don’t begrudge the £25 in the slightest!

I looked at a lot of the wands, they had pretty much all the characters even the slightly obscure characters - but it was Sirius’s that really caught my eye! And I love it!

I do, however, think that on my next visit I might buy a second onemaybe start a little collectionwho knowswe’ll just have to find out!

I do have other random items such as a pin badge, various other necklaces, notebooks with Harry Potter details and postcards but in terms of memorabilia these are definitely my favourites!

Let me know if you think I am a super-fan after all, or merely a person with a slightly sad hobby.

Happy Reading Folks!


  1. You have a great collection!

  2. This is great! Where did you get your personalized Hogwarts acceptance letter?

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. Thanks :) I got my letter off of ebay - type in Harry Potter Memorabilia or Harry Potter acceptance letter and you can find one :)

  4. I love your collection Ellie :D You've got so many amazing things here!

  5. Thanks Soudha - it's still growing! ;)

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