Harry Potter Studios Tour

Harry Potter Studios Tour

On the 22nd of July myself and my best friend went to the Harry Potter Studios for the second time! And we had an amazing time! It is one of those places that never seems to get boring! I loved it!

The first times we went we both missed the Hogwarts Express so we were absolutely thrilled to finally see the beauty that is the Hogwarts Train! It was incredible and utterly worth it just to go back for that!

The new area itself opens onto the original stage with all the main stages and the settings of many of the iconic scenes. Freyja, my best friend, and I got our pictures taken on broomsticks confusing the poor attendant when he offered us both Gryffindor outfits and we turned them down for Ravenclaw (Freyja) and Hufflepuff (myself). Apparently it is rare for people to turn down Gryffindor! But I am a Hufflepuff loud and proud!

WARNING: Never wear a dress whilst doing the broomstick stimulator it is not done in the most flattering position and there is a lot of moving and lifting of arms and legs!

We did the tourist thing and got all the photos and were very pleased with ourselves. But we still screamed like small children, particularly around the train which was stunningly beautiful!

The new area is large and full of things to do not just the train although the train is certainly the best part!

Then we tried some butterbeer my feelings have softened towards it after the first tasting, it goes to prove you should not try Butterbeer when you’re suffering from a really bad cold like the first time I went! It still taste like cream soda though.

Another tip: Take a selfie stick! Otherwise you are constantly taking photos of amazing things but without your amazed expression showing how much you love it!With my selfie stick I managed to take a lot more photos than last time and many selfies which only improved our stay as we ran around making people laugh as we posed for literally 3 seconds before running off to get our picture taken elsewhere!

Our excitement was uncontainable!

We had a good old mooch about the shop before and after the tour and the one thing I can definitely say is that it is getting to go to the tour after 5pm as by the time you come out, as Freyja and I did around 7pm, the shop was practically empty! It was wonderful to look at everything without fear of being poked to death by a wand or hit with a rubber Dobby.

We both chose to be kind to our bank balances and only bought a postcard with our chosen houses and a chocolate frog each.

So I can now add said items, and a pencil I bought for my boyfriend but I think I’m keeping for myself because it’s just a pencil after all, to my Harry Potter Memorabilia collection! Woo!

Overall, I had such a lovely day with my bestie and I cannot wait to go back in November with my family! Haha! Three times in one year! Can you tell I’m obsessed yet??

Leave me a comment if you have any questions or to share your experience at Harry Potter Studios! I’d love to read them!

Happy Reading Folks!




  1. You seem to have had an amazing trip :) I love all your pictures! HP Studio is definitely on my Bucket List. Thanks for sharing, Ellie :)

  2. It's great if you can Soudha! It's a wonderful place to visit - and hopefully will be around for a very long while! :D

  3. Oh my god, I'm so jealous! Seems like you had a great trip! Love the photos :)

  4. It was amazing! Can't wait to go again ;) Thanks x