Book Hangovers

Jen Campbell made a booktube video recently on Book Hangovers and I thought that it was a really interesting topic and it got me thinking about my Book Hangovers.

A Book Hangover is when you finish a book and you either can’t read another or you’re mind whirs with different thoughts and feelings that occurred because of that book. You can have a book hangover with books you loved and books you hated.

 So here are my book hangovers:

1.   Room by Emma Donogue

The ultimate book hangover! This book is set from the perspective of a 4 year old boy who has lived in one room with his mum his whole life. His father being his mother’s captor and jailer. What happens during this book is not only disturbing and gripping it is also unforgettable. I would not recommend this book for anyone below the age of 13 as the topic is dark and it is quite graphic but the book itself is well-written and there is a solid plot which makes the book all that more powerful!

2.   The Night Circus by Erin Morgernstern

This book gave me a book hangover simply for being a fantastical, imaginative book full of great imagery and stories. It truly encaptures a circus atmosphere and it left me feeling really disappointed in the books I read afterwards for simply being unimaginative in comparison.

3.   The C Word by Lisa Lynch

Another great book that was so powerful, in the most-part for being true and without a ‘I’m writing a book feel’, that left me wondering how such a talented person could live and suffer without me and others knowing about it beforehand.

4.    Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

Not necessarily a large hang-over, more like a ‘I drank too much at dinner’ hang-over with this book. But the themes of this story lingered after I had put it down, namely the treatment of Eleanor at the hands of her mother and Stepfather.

5.   Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro

This book left me feeling sick and depressed. It was not a fun book to read, it was well-written and I’m glad I have read it as it is extremely eye-opening, it is also extremely eerie and sickening. Boys and Girls are brought up in ‘schools’ and prepared for lives outside of the school where eventually they will be called upon to ‘donate’ major organs. It seems so realistic and accepted that this book left me some seriously deep thoughts: aka a massive book-hang-over!

So there are 5 books that left me with different feelings but ultimately lingered in my mind for some strong reason and still, to this day, affect me! 

What books left you feeling hung-over? Let me know.

Happy Reading Folks!

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