Booktubers/Bloggers Recommend: 3 Books to Read This Summer

Bloggers and Booktubers Recommend

Summer Reading!

So recently I contacted some booktubers and book bloggers and asked them to take part in a new series of blogposts I am doing: ‘Bloggers and Booktubers Recommend’ The first post is all about which books these Bloggers and Booktubers would recommend to read this Summer!

So far I have had three lovely responses from:

v Jen Campell, the author of Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops, who can be found at her booktube channel or her blog,

v Sanne, aka Books and Quills who can be found on Booktube and her blog,

v Jo, from her blog Once Upon A Bookcase.

Here are there 3 recommendations:

Jen’s three choices were:

1.   By Night the Moutain Burns by Juan Tomas Avila

2.   No One Here is Here Except All of Us by Romana Ausubel

3.   Poems from the Mullard Space Science Laboratory by Simon Barraclough

Jen also has a video on her channel of her recommended summer reads so check it out!
Sanne’s three choices were:

1.   Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins - I really need to reread this one before the final film comes out I’m sure it will be heart-breaking all over again and I'm excited to fly through it like I did the first time.

2.   Nimona by Noelle Stevenson - It's a beautiful graphic novel by one of my favourite people on the Internet. I discovered her through her hilarious Hunger Games comics and was really intrigued when I heard she had written/drawn a full graphic novel.

3.   The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness - Have you ever wondered what happens to all the other characters that live around the 'chosen one' in Young Adult novels? I can't wait to read my first Patrick Ness YA book.

Jo’s three choices were:

1.   The Awesome by Eva Darrows A really feminist and sex positive novel with a wonderful mother-daughter relationship.

2.   The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge A Historical novel with a fantasy elementthe main character looks into her father’s scientific work after his disappearance at a time when it wasn’t acceptable for girls and science to mix.

3.   What was Never Said by Emma Craigie A book about a Somali teenager that deals with female genital mutilation.

(Jo was inspired by reading Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill to read feminist YA fiction this Summer)

So there we are. Three recommendations for summer reading from established book bloggers/booktubers.

There is a great variety of choice here and these book bloggers have certainly given me some new suggestions for my TBR!

See any books that like or want to take part in this new series of blogposts, comment below or message me on Twitter @ElliePilcher95.

Thanks again to Jen, Sanne and Jo for taking part! J

Happy Reading Folks!

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