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I am a writer as well as a book blogger, I have written novels (check out my Publishing Experience to learn more about that) poems and plays and I enjoy reading all kinds of writing.

Plays/Screenplays are things I read when I just want to curl up in a corner and get immersed in a book. Unlike novels they do not require too much thought because normally plays simply consist of dialogue with occasional instructions as to where the characters should be standing and what they should be doing.

As such reading a play is often like listening into a 1-3 hour conversation.

I have a small collections of plays and screenplays and I thought I would share some with you, for any that are interested in reading more diversely than fiction and non-fiction.

1.   Peter and Alice by John Logan

This is my most recent buy and I read it in one-sitting. The story revolves around the meeting of Peter Llewelyn Davis and Alice Liddell the inspirations behind Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland respectively. This is based on a real-life event with use of magical realism to express how the two ‘inspirations’ felt about their portrayal as fictional characters.

2.   Electra and Other Plays by Sophocles

For anyone interested in Greek Tragedies, these plays are for the more practiced reader I would say mostly because of the language and the confusing characters but the stories are so in-depth and clever for writing of over 1000 years ago that they are well worth the attempt! Very dramatic, some are gory and tragic, whilst others hold comedic elements.

3.   Peter Pan and Other Plays by J.M. Barrie

Originally Peter Pan was a play and I think it is good to re-visit the original versions of TV/Films/Books that we all know and love just to get a taste of what it must have been like to experience something magical for the first time! (Also a good read alongside Peter and Alice)

4.   1984 by George Orwell, adapted by Matthew Dunster

On another noteit is also good to visit adaptions. I have never actually read and work by George Orwell as I struggle to get into his writing style so I cheated a little and bought the play. This is an interesting adaptation and it will, hopefully, help me into reading more of Orwell’s fiction as well as gaining a grasp on the story of 1984.

5.   Sense and Sensibility (The Screenplay) by Emma Thompson original work by Jane Austen

So most people will know of Sense and Sensibility, and hopefully of Emma Thompson’s fantastic adaptation of the book into film. It is a fantastic film and Thompson did a great job of adapting it, the screenplay is short and concise but it is very much a close adaptation of Austen’s work unlike other adaptions of said author’s novels

6.   Shakespeare in Love by Marc Norman & Tom Stoppard

You’d think writing a screenplay about Shakespeare’s life and re-working Romeo and Juliet into it would be a stupid piece of writing but actually it is great! The best thing about this screenplay, and the overall film, is that it does not take itself seriously but at the same time gives plausible thought to true love and ‘literary genius’ and how both are ‘really just glorious accident’s.’

7.  Downton Abbey (The Screenplay) by Julian Fellowes

For anyone interested in TV series writing you should definitely check out the Downton Abbey screenplays by Julian Fellowes. He is meticulous in his research and work and so by reading these books a book for each series with Fellowes own narration and advice throughout, is a great way to start to think about your own writing.

So there are 7 recommendations which I hope you shall check out! Let me know if there are any plays/Screenplays you’d recommend I’d read! I’m always open to reading more diversely in genre!

Happy Reading Folks! J

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