5 YA Tropes We're Sick Of

Ok, we all love Young Adult Fiction, it’s great and surprisingly addictive, but I am one of many – I think – who are starting to go off certain tropes within this genre/age-group.

1.   Insta-Love: As a person who is currently in a relationship insta-love is something that just does not happen. We all wish it would, and it is nice sometimes to read about it – after all reading is about wishful thinking and escape – but I don’t want to read about it all the time and certainly not in a way that suggests I will marry the next man that stares at me from across a packed lunch hall.

2.   Love-Triangles: If I have to read one more hyped YA book with a love-triangle I will cut the genre out of my life, I swear. Examples would be: The Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, Vampire Diaries, and Twilight…god the list is endless. I do actually like The Hunger Games triangle – and how it ends – but it has just progressed to its point and crossed it now! Enough!

3.   Missing/Dead Parents: Why is that all of these YA Characters have to be emotional wrecks – or wrecked – by the death or absent parents…Example: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Girls Under Pressure, The Year of the Rat…so many endless, missing parents. It is a topic that needs to be approached on some levels but so many stories are using it as a reason to emotional entangle characters now that it is almost like telling rather than showing us that a character has issues.

4.   Kids In Danger: So there has to be a hint of adventure in books to make them interesting, but why have all books suddenly hinted at children needing to be in serious danger to make it an interesting story: Entering a Battle Royale setting for TV, being dropped in a maze, attacked by weird creatures that look like people to everyone else, even simply having cancer is becoming a large trope in YA fiction…since when did Young Adults have to be in danger to focus on the struggles of teenager-dom?

5.   Books with Romance: I want a YA book without a love story. Where’s the story of the girl that starts a rebellion to protect her sister (without the romance), or the girl/boy that has to deal with mental health issues with only their friends and family for help or simply the story of the teenager…there is a helluva lot of themes besides danger/romance/sex.

So there we have it.

I am not writing a commentary stating that all of these tropes must be removed from fiction, or that any books with these tropes within the YA category are bad. I am simply writing this to suggest that the publishing world shake it up a bit and starting publishing books a little out of the over-hyped zone.

I miss books that would remind me of life at school - not books that tell me about what it would be like to be in incredible danger, as well as incredibly in love with the first boy that paid me attention as I trained to be a kick-ass assassin with a hair stylist and group of lost boys following me!

Sorry I’m exaggerating…seems that what books are becoming now. Rather than fantastical and escapism…rather more exaggerated hype.

Let me know your thoughts and feelings on this topic…

Happy Reading!

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