Finished Series I've Yet to Finish

So we’ve all started something which we’ve never finished, in my case this includes things like Novels and paintings and Karate classesmore recently it is book series'!

I try to make a habit of completing books, but this doesn’t apply to series unfortunately. If I don’t like the first book, or at most the second, I will not finish a series.

No shame!

(Well, slight shame)

Here are the book series I’ve started but not yet completed:

1.   The Lunar Chronicles

This book series was a large part of the posts I made of last year. It took me an age to read the first book Cinder, I just couldn’t pick it, and then when I did I really enjoyed itbut now I’m in the same slump with the second book Scarlet. I did start reading it a few months ago but it just didn’t hook me, so I put it down again

Possibility of me finishing this series: 50%

2.   The Chronicles of Narnia
I really got into this famous children’s book series. I devoured The Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe and I really enjoyed Prince Caspian but then Voyage of the Dawn Treader came along and I was soooo bored that I didn’t want to pick up the next book. And I already felt like I had cheated as I had skipped The Magician’s Nephew & The Horse and his Boy

Possibility of me finishing this series: 30%

3.   The Lord of the Rings

I began reading this book series at the beginning of the year much to the dislike of my brother, as these were his books and I nicked them from their dusty positioning on his shelf I slowly got through them. I quite liked them, they made good train reads, but then I got to the end of my second year of University and I wasn’t riding on trains every weekend. So I put the books down. I am halfway through the second to last one and I am determined to finish this series by the end of the year!

Possibility of me finishing this series: 80%

4.   Beautiful Creatures

I got this book series for Christmas the year before the last and although I enjoyed the first book, Beautiful Creatures, I detested the second book, Beautiful Darkness. Never has there been a less memorable book immortalised as being bad. I haven’t met another book-reader who has liked this book. If you have, please prove me wrong. But it was such a shame and I couldn’t bring myself to finish the series so I sold the entire collection on ebay.

Possibility of me finishing this series: -10%

5.   The Mortal Instruments Series

So many people are going to hate me for this. I got the entire collection on a whim and I quite liked the first book, City of Bones, and the second, City of Ashes! So I continued with the next book and then the next until finally there was only one book left and it was not yet published. By this point I was bored of the series and I didn’t actually care about the characters, so when the last book City of Heavenly Fire came outI Wikipedia-ed the ending and sold the book series.

Possibility of me finishing this series: 0%

6.   The Cousin’s War Series
I love Philippa Gregory. I know that she is not the most historically accurate and she takes liberties with her writing by adding voices to her characters, but then as I writer I do the exact same thing, so I enjoy her work! I enjoyed this series, and I enjoyed the TV series too no shame, even if they did use zippers and have bannisters in medieval times (WTF) but I still have not read the last two books of the series: The White Princess & The Kings’ Curse.

Possibility of me finishing this series: 60%

7.  Outlander

I read the first book of this large series recently and I really enjoyed itbut I also had a TV series to watch whilst I was reading to fuel my motivation. Now I don’tfor several monthsso my motivation to read Dragonfly of Amber is not very high. I’m going to have to wait to see what happens with this series, right now it is a possibility

Possibility of me finishing this series: 50%

There we are. 7 series I have started and not yet finishedHave you ever started any series and never finished them? Why, when and what? Let me know!

Happy Reading!

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  1. I know what you mean about starting and stopping. I find my probably is that sometimes either I am dragging myself through a series just to say I finished it or I don't want the series to end so I read all of a series except for the last book. I would say that I enjoyed the ending of the Caster Chronicles more than I enjoyed the first books. I agree with you about The Mortal Instruments (even though I read them all and actually liked the ending), and I probably will finish the Lunar Chronicles just to say I finished it.

    One of the series I am wanting to finish but also don't want the series to be done is the Inheritance Cycle. I know there are lots of problems with it but it was one of the first book series I really liked after Harry Potter so I will get to it eventually.

    Great list! I can't wait to see when/if you finish these books.

    Jamie @ Books and Ladders