From Page to Screen: Upcoming Film/TV adaptions

An odd variation on the ‘From Page to Screen’ post today and that is instead of writing about a particular adaption of a book to screen I am going to talk to you instead about upcoming page to screen adaptions!

1.   The Fifth Wave (Film)

The trailer for this movie was recently released and whilst I haven’t read the book I get the gist of what it is about from the movie trailer, but I don’t like the look of the movie, got to be honest. I will still read the book, eventually, but I think I am going to give this movie a miss (let me know if it looks like it is sticking to the plotline of the book!)

2.   The Mortal Instruments (TV series)

I have read the Mortal Instruments series and whilst I liked the first book I found the rest to be a bit childish and not my cuppa of tea. I saw the movie and again it was the same, oddly childish and not my cuppa. When news of a TV series was released I could understand where the producers were coming from. The book series does have a lot more scope for a TV series than just a simple movie triology.

3.   Me Before You (Film)
A film that I have mentioned previously. This adult-drama book written by JoJo Moyes should be an interesting adaption with Sam Claflin and Emilia Clarke playing the title characters of Will and Louisa. A very sad story so tissues at the ready!

4.   A Monster Calls (Film)
One of my favourite books of the year. A young boy is haunted by a ‘monster’ as he copes with his mother’s illness and his self-destructive family. This story moved me to tears and is incredibly well-written, I only hope that the movie adaption is as good as the book.

5.   The Jungle Book (Film)
Another trailer has been released recently for the movie adaption of the children’s classic the Jungle Book. All I can say is that the film seems relatively dark from what I remember of the original story, but then again there was always a hint of danger in the bookI hope that the context and story is not over-shadowed by the CGI.

6.   Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children (Film)
I am still yet to read this book (even after a year of promises to do so) but maybe I need to watch the movie first, to whet my appetite. However, the book is known for its use of photographs and the eeriness of this element, will the film be able to encompass this element or will it struggle to gain the fandom that the book has received??

All very much ‘wait and see’ prospects, but some interesting book to film adaptions have been chosen. It’s nice to see not only the YA adaptions taking some centre stage for once.

2016 is going to be a good year for adaptions, let just hope they don’t ruin our favourite stories but instead make them all the more lovable and memorable.

Happy Reading!

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