Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children // Book Review

Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children

Book Review

Author: Ransom Riggs is an author and photo collector. He has written 5 novels, including a trilogy of books based on ‘peculiars’. He collects ‘odd’ photographs at fairs and thrift stores and uses them as inspiration and in his books.

Rating: *****


I remember buying this book so clearly. I purchased it on my first trip to Foyles in London and it has sat on my shelf ever since, for just under a year. But this week when I went home from University for the weekend. I finished my book on the train and thought ‘I’d need a book to read’so I finally picked up this one

I loved it!

I hate myself for waiting for so long. If you’re making the same mistake as me you now know what to do!

The story is a proper ‘story’, nothing symbolic, nothing fancy just good old-fashioned: ‘who-dunnit’, ‘who-are-you’, ‘what the hell do we do’ kind of story.

A mixture of fantasy, some sci-fi-esque feels and some romance and hey presto! You have a really good story.

Jacob’s grandfather is killed one night and Jacob begins to suffer with nightmares about a creature he believes he saw in the distance after he found his grandfather. The first one hundred pages fly by, taking us from Florida to Wales with some thought-provoking exposition and some great character development I particularly like the descriptions of Jacob’s parents.

What Jacob finds in Wales is the real find and it is spooky. The book is not ‘scary’, as such, but I found that whenever a largely ‘spooky’ scene came about I was always reading the book at 1am in the light of my crappy-lamp-shade. Needless to say there were a few nights that I had some odd-dreams about ‘peculiar children’ and ‘Hollows’.

The peculiar children are the children you see in the photographs that Riggs uses as story guidelines as well as plot-twists. Each of these photos brings something unique and fascinating to the story (and they are real-life images! Which I find awesome) it is one of my new favourite techniques for a book to use photos as a means to develop the plot. Not only are the photos interesting to look at, they also move the pace and break the tension in a comfortable way.

The only flaw within the book is that sometimes the plot-twists are a little predictable: for example when the group of peculiars and Jacob sneak out of Miss Peregrine’s protection to find out what happened to somebodyyou just know what is going to happen and who is going to be the ‘evil person’. But sometimes simplicity is best, I just thought that was a little too simple.

But if simplicity is the only flaw within this book, sometimes, it is still a good book!

I would thoroughly recommend it to anybody, and I am looking forward to picking up the second book in the trilogy: ‘Hollow City’ and later ‘Library of Souls’.
The movie edition of this book shall be released in 2016! Directed by Tim Burton, starring: Asa Butterfeld, Judi Dench, Eva Green.
Happy Reading!

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