Top Ten Books of 2015

2015: What a year! I managed to complete my task of reading 50 books in one year and as such shall be increasing this to 60 books for next year! Bring it on.

Since it is New Years Eve and today is the last day to discuss what I enjoyed about 2015 I thought I would do a list of my Top Ten Books that I read this year.

So here goesIn no particularly order:

1.   Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

I was putting this book off and off, for no reason whatsoever, and when I finally picked it up this Halloween I was amazed. The story and the feel of the book was not like I had expected at all and I really enjoyed it! The photos added a meaningfulness, the story flowed well and was gripping. I really need to pick up the second book soon, I don’t want to wait ages and ages to read it like I did with this book.

2.   The Outcast by Sadie Jones

This was the first book I had ever read set in the late post-ww2 era of the 1950s and it was really gripping. It was disturbing and raw, but believable which is why it has stuck with me. The writing is perfectly crafted and the characters are very well-developed, in a way that sucks you into their lives. I really enjoyed this story.

3.   Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

I have been steadily getting through the Austen collection of books and I was glad to finally get this story under my belt. Not only because it is my favourite story (I have seen the adaption so many times) but because it is actually, I felt, possibly Jane Austen’s best novel. The story is perfect, and I wasn’t at all confused or held back by her writing style, as I was with Sense and Sensibility, I was immersed and just wish I could read it again for the first time.

4.    The C Word by Lisa Lynch

Possibly the most moving book I have read this year. It was stunning. Lisa wrote in such a funny, easy-to-emote to way that I was under her spell. The reality of her story was such that it made the book all that more important and all that more powerful and it is brilliant. Highly recommend to anyone.

5.   The World’s Wife by Carol Ann Duffy

I have steadily been gaining some poetry anthologies this year and have made it my task to collect all of Carol Ann Duffy’s because I find her poems so easy to read. The World Wife is my favourite poetry collection, of hers, to date. I found it so funny and cleverly written. ‘Mrs Darwin’ and ‘Salome’ are my favourite poems.

6.   The Art of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson

When I finished reading this book I immediately took to twitter and thanked Lisa Williamson for writing it, that was how much I enjoyed it. It is the first LGBT book I have ever read and I think it is one of the strongest that I have read to date. Simply brilliant: emotive, well-written, well-researched and lovable. Really enjoyed.

7.  I Truly Lament by Mathias B. Freese

I was sent this book for review and I adored it. It is a collection of short stories to do with the Holocaust from many different perspectives including: golems, Nazi doctors, jews in camps etc. It is moving, sometimes disturbing and at other times unintentionally funny but it has left me with such a book hangover that I cannot get it out of my mind.

8.   The Night Circus by Erin Morgernstern

The only way for me to describe this book is: magic. I get butterflies in my stomach everytime I think of it. It is such a well-envisioned book that I can see the circus now, the hosts inviting me in, the stands with caramel popcorn, the dream room, and the wish tree, all of it! One of the best books ever written in my opinion. (How strong is that opinion!)

9.   Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

I had never read a Patrick Ness novel until this year, and whilst this story was developed by Siobhan O’Dowd, it was the most fluid piece of writing for children I have read. The story is gripping, emotive, poignant and powerful and the message is so sad but lovely. I cannot wait to see the film adaption as I think this is going to make a visually stunning, moving film.

10. 100 poems by Jen Campbell

Jen Campbell wrote 100 poems in 48 hours to raise money for the Book Bus, sending buses of books to impoverished areas. I purchased the limited edition poetry pamphlet as I have heard her read some of her poems on her youtube channel, and loved her non-fiction books also. Whilst some of the poems are obviously rushed (that’s a lot of poems in 48 hours) the visual energy and the lessons of some of the poems are just breathtakingly beautiful. If I need inspiration or an awesome quote I go to this pamphlet. Gorgeous.


Some honourable mentions:

-      Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel

-      Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Favourite HP book this year I read them every summer and every summer my favourite changes!)

-      The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe


So many books and so little time! I cannot wait to get reading in the New Year and wipe my slate clean for the reading challenge. It brings a whole new energy to reading.

I hope that you’re reading year has been successful! Best of luck for the next!

Happy New Year and Happy Reading!

See you in 2016!


  1. Northanger Abbey is actually the one Jane Austen novel I hated haha - however I read it back when I was in tenth grade, so I'm planning on reading it again soon to see if my perspective has changed after reading all the other Austen novels. I really need to read Miss Peregrine's series; I hope I end up loving it. And wow, the cover for The Outcast is really pretty. I'm glad you found such great books last year :)

  2. You have some of my 2015 favs here. I loved Night Circus, Miss Peregrine and A Monster Calls. I might check out the other books you listed here as well :)