Authors I Want to Read in 2016

January is going to be a month of lists; of resolutions & recommendations basically. Today’s list is all about the authors that I hope to read in 2016. I have not read any of these authors before, hence I want to get around to reading some of their work.

1.   Jeanette Winterson

I remember being told to read ‘Orange Are Not The Only Fruit’, when I was studying ‘Love through the Ages’ in English Literature at A Level, but I chose not to as the story didn't appeal to me. I must admit that book still doesn’t, but since starting this book blog I have seen numerous posts on other Winterson books and I think it is about time I read some of her other works and so I've bought a few...

Starting with: Weight

Moving onto: The Stone Gods

2.   Giovanna Fletcher

I have mentioned before that I am now working as an Intern at a Literary Agents and one of the clients of one of the agents is Giovanna Fletcher, wife of Tom Fletcher from McFly and vlogger over at: Gionvanna’sWorld. Her books are some of the only books my sister reads as well and I am, slowly but surely, working my way through the books on the Agency’s lists and I want to read some of Giovanna’s work next.

Starting with: Dream a Little Dream

Moving onto: Billy and Me


3.   Vanessa Tait

Vanessa Tait is a new author on the scene. Her debut novel: The Looking Glass House is a book that I have had my eye on for a while and recently I picked up. Upon purchasing the novel I’ve discovered that Tait is the granddaughter of Alice Liddell the woman, or little girl, who inspired Lewis Carrol to write Alice in Wonderland Tait’s work is based on historical fact, family stories and family documents passed-down the generations and I’m really interested to read her work.

Starting with: The Looking Glass House

4.   Tom Holt

I’ve been watching a lot of Booktuber videos lately and one of the books that keeps popping up in Jean, at BookishThoughts, videos is Tom Holt’s ‘A Portable Door’. She makes it sound ingeniously funny the story revolves around a man who gets a job at a bank, without realising that the bank is ran by mythical creatures and has mythical clients. It is a part of a series and I have purchased the first book and I think that I’m going to enjoy it.

Starting with: The Portable Door

Moving onto: The OutSorcerers Apprentice

5.   Kirsty Logan

I keep seeing so many reviews and comments on Kirsty Logan’s work and without realising it over 2015 I put 3 of her books on my to-read pile and I think it’s about time I get to them. A lot of her work seems to be centred on magical realism and short stories which is something I am really getting interested in now thank you university degree and I want see what all the fuss is about!

Starting with: A Portable Shelter

Moving onto: The Rental Heart and other Fairytales

So there are a few authors that I want to read this year. I am currently going through an adult fiction/magical realism/non-fiction phase and so, as you can see, none of these authors are really Young Adult kind of authors which I probably read most of all.

If you have any author suggestions you think I should read just let me know! This is a year for trying new things!

Happy Reading!

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