Book UnHauling

New Year. New Books. No Space. Time to unhaul some of the books that I am just not going to get around to. It’s for a noble cause I promise!

Since I need to get rid of quite a few my bookshelves are bowing I am going to do the books by sections:

The Plays

I got quite a few plays this year but I am getting rid of five all of these books are going to new owners, by way of ebay or charity shops by the way

-      A Taste of Honey by Shelagh Delaney A University book from last semester that I read and don’t need to read again.

-      Sense and Sensibility the Screenplay (my mum got me a better version for Christmas!)

-      Cradle Me by Simon Vinnicombe A University book from last year that I read and won’t read again.

-      Electra and other plays by Sophocles I got this to read Electra after I saw the show, but I preferred the adapted version.

-      Peter Pan and other plays by J.M. Barrie I wanted to read the original version of Peter Pan but it didn’t read as well as the novel and none of other J.M. Barrie’s plays have interested me either.

So they were the plays.

The Poetry

Only 2 poetry books are going in the end.

-      The Penguin Book of English Romantic Verse I love John Keats and for months I could not find a decent copy of his poetry. There was a fair amount in this book, but recently I found a collection of all of his works so this copy is little redundant now.

-      Classic Love Poems YeahI’m just not a fan.

The Young-Adult

Slightly more than normal in the YA section this time, but many of these are University book again.

-      Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson I’ve had this book for ages and haven’t read it, and even when it was on my uni syllabus last semester I just didn’t pick it up. Sobye bye.

-      Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson I got this last winter out of wishful thinking, I think, but never got around to it and it has lost its appeal now.

-      When She Smiled by Ritoban Chakrabarti I got this book to review but I could not get into it, however much I tried, so I am going to pass it along to someone who might find it of more interest than me.

-      Girls Under Pressure by Jacqueline Wilson I read this last semester for my YA module. It was alright but I’m never going to read it again.

-      Junk by Melvin Burgess Another uni book. I think this one is a bit outlandish to be a young adult book, but there we go.

-      The Year of the Rat by Clare Furness my other University book, which I was not impressed by at all.

Adult Books

A few adult books, as per normal, most of these are going because I don’t like the editions I have of them. I am a little vain when it comes to my books and if I don’t like the look of them, even if I really want to read them, I won’t.

-      Lady Chatterley’s Lover by D.H. Lawrence I tried to read this at the beginning of the university year but compared to the stories we see on television nothing much happens and it is actually quite dull.

-      Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks I had to read this for University and actually really enjoyed it but I won’t read it again and it is a little roughed up now.

-      Bury Me Deep by Megan Abbott Another University read. I didn’t enjoy this one at all, in fact I disliked it greatly. Simple as that.

-      The Lady with the Little Dog and other stories by Anton Chekhov Wishful thinking on my part I think. Found this sweet little edition in a charity shop, but I know I’ll never read it.

-      Surfacing by Margaret Atwood I really want to read something by Margaret Atwood, and I thought I might read this because its small, but I don’t think I actually will now.

-      Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern I really like this book but I have such a large copy, and it’s been bleached by the sun and is pealing that it irritates me. I’m going to re-purchase this though, I think.


I only have three non-fiction books and I’m mainly getting rid of these because I know I won’t read them again.

-      The Voyage of Sir Francis Drake around the Great World by Richard Hakluyt Thinking about it I don’t know if this is Non-Fiction or a story or poembut since I don’t know I’ll leave it here. I’m getting rid of this one because it is a double I’m collecting this whole series of 80p penguin books and I got t his one for Christmas.

-      The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby I read this last year and it was incredibly powerful and moving but I won’t read it again and it needs to be shared I think.

-      World War One Dictionary I got this for help with writing my World War One stories but have never actually used it.

So there are the books that I am un-hauling. Quite a few, but I really need the space and I’ll don’t think I’ll miss any of them.

Have you got any books that you want to unhaul on your shelves? Sometimes it good to make space.

Happy Reading

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