Cry-Worthy Books

Okayso I cry more at movies than I do at books. It takes a lot of emotion in a book to make me cry, same for laughing, I’m quite a hardy person when it comes to pen and paper, but there are some that have breached the levee.

1.   The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks

I think this is the only Sparks novel I have read and it is one that I remember sitting on my bed sobbing and shutting the book because of a scene between the dad and the son which just broke my heart. Romance & happiness doesn’t touch me, but throw in a daddy-daughter scene or a dad saying goodbye scene and I am gone.

2.   Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

I read this book over a few days and on the last few pages it was the middle of the day, I had the day off and I was sitting in the living room finishing it whilst I waited for the kettle to boilI had to re-boil the kettle an hour later as I was stuck on those pages and blinking back the tears. The ending was so powerful and it hit me hard, I felt so sorry for both Eleanor and Park, I know it was slightly hopeful but it was still so poignant.

3.   The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

I think this is almost obligatory on this kind of posts I teared up, at the obvious scenes. And the last sentence I am haunted by humans is my favourite book quote ever. I think it is genius and it is haunting in itself. So powerful, like a punch in the heart.

4.   The Time Travellers Wife by Audrey Niffeneger

I read this book when I was too young, I was about 13 years old and the scenes are graphic and hard-hitting, but also so powerful and I fell in love with the characters. The end scene when the Time Travellers Wife is 84 years just got me like a Chinese burn, it was so poignant and heart-lifting as well as awful that made me so sad but happy too.

5.   The C Word by Lisa Lynch

Lisa Lynch is one of my heroes. She was so brave and so honest that I can’t help but respect her, but also feel for her poor family who lost her to cancer. I hate cancer and this book will make you hate it more and appreciate the people that suffer through it. Whilst this book ends on a hopeful note, the reality of it stung on every page, but the humour within the passages make it a wonderful read.

6.   Spectacles by Sue Perkins

I read this recently and I was crying with laughter as much as I was crying with sadness. The two chapters that got me one for happiness, one for sadness got me good. I was weeping like mad. The funny one involved a bucket of piss, and I am not normally one for silly stories about effluvia, but this one just had me cracking up at midnight, I was blinded by happy tears. The sad one involves a letter that Sue wrote to her dog after putting her down. Enough said. It was like Marley & Me condensed into one chapter.
So there we have it. I don’t really cry at books, not unless there is something particularly powerful or relatable to me: pets, cancer, goodbyes is probably the gist of it.

Most surprisingly I didn’t cry at Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, why? WellI read the last book first and then saw the movie which I did cry at an insane amount! but I didn’t read all of the books until I was 15 and all of the movies had been released so they never had that emotive/shock factor that made a lot of other people cry.
I feel like I have to add that as that is the book that seems to appear most frequently on these kinds of posts.

But there we go. What books made you cry? Are there any you think I should try, or avoid you never know. Just drop me a comment J

Happy Reading!


  1. Very few books have made me cry, but only one has had me crying the second time I read it - it was Blaze of Memory b Nalini Singh. I still can't work out why I cry either, it's a romance so of course everything's going to be okay in the end, but the writing has me completely forgetting that.

    1. Aww - that's so sweet. I suppose I do cry at romances but only the ending of them - if a loved one dies or your seperated - that kind of thing. I don't get all mushy about it, I just go 'aww' otherwise. But really sad things get me!

  2. I CRIED OVER ELEANOR AND PARK FOR DAYS OMG. i really want to read the last song and the book thief ASAP. gahhhh cant wait

    1. If you cried at Eleanor and Park I think you'll cry over The Last Song! The romance and the familial love...oh! It's heart-wrenching. Two packets of tissues methinks ;)

  3. While books usually don’t make me cry, I did surprise myself by bursting into tears at the end of Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma. Eleanor and Park and The Time Traveller’s Wife also made me very emotional. These books were a roller-coaster of emotions!