Surprising Book Favourites

I’ve been re-visiting my bookshelves lately and looking at the books that I keep and why. I keep a lot of books that I’ve read because I like to re-read books and if I love a book I will most likely read it again.

I noticed that there were books on my bookshelves that I kept but rarely mentioned and I thought that I would change this.

Here are some of my favourite books that may surprise people:

-      Happy Ever After by Harriet Evans
I remember, very clearly, the day I bought this. I bought it in Sainsbury’s for £4 and the reason being that was because my first name and surname are on the back-cover and I thought that this was a sign. I actually really enjoyed this book. The protagonist is starting in a book publishers, has a mother with a mental disorder and she goes on the journey of love with two different men. It is an adult contemporary and I thought it was pretty good.

-      Room by Emma Donoghue
I have mentioned this book before but I still can’t get this book out of my head, not only because the movie has recently come out it is heart-wrenching and impressively done but the book itself is so captivating and dark. The story of Jack and his mother, Joy is poignant and hard to follow but it is a story that I think people should read. Donoghue did a brilliant job of writing this novel.

-      Apache by Tanya Landman
I read this in year 8 in a reading club and it was the only book I read because as soon as I finished it I started it again. I often pick it up and read it again and I don’t know why. The story is about an Apache girl and revolves around her childhood as she forces the leaders to train her so she can get revenge for the death of her family. For a children’s story there is something so adult and captivating about it. I don’t know what it is, it is truly puzzling but it’s wonderful.

-      The World’s Wife by Carol Ann Duffy
I mentioned my love of poetry now, a newly found love, and most of the anthologies I have read, and so been inspired but, have been collections by Carol Ann Duffy. World’s Wife is definitely my favourite as they are feminist poems in the voice, or based around, famous women or famous men’s wives/sisters/lovers etc they’re humorous, easy to understand and beautifully written.

-      The C Word by Lisa Lynch
I mentioned this book several months ago now and it is still with me. The raw honesty of this book just packs a punch and it astounds me how this book hasn’t been a bigger deal on Booktube or within the book community. I could have missed it, since I wasn’t blogging when the book first came out, but now I have I think it is stupendously important book.

-      John Keats Poetry
I adore John Keats poetry. I have my favourite poems, of course, but there is something so story-like about some of Keats poetry that just picking lines out of the poems can give you butterflies in your stomach. I fall in love when I read his work, and as a romantic I imagine this would please Keats who died too young which makes it all the more tragic. I would have a Keats poem engraved on my tombstone I think.

These are a few books that I really enjoyed but don’t give the time of day as much as I should.

What books did you like/love but never mention for whatever reason?

Happy Reading!

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