25 Bookish Facts About Me

This is a very popular list to complete on Booktube and I thought I would complete on my blog today...

25 Bookish Facts About Myself:

1.      I prefer reading Paperback books to Hardbacks, but I prefer buying Hardbacks.

2.      If I don’t read the sequel of a book, or the sequel of a sequel etc, within a few days of completing the 1st or 2nd book, I am really unlikely to finish the series!

3.      I have not not read a book straight after finishing another one since I was 6 years old.

4.      My name is Eleanor...and I am a book-buying addict.

5.      I have never listened to an audiobook

6.      I really struggle to read eBooks as I get distracted by other things on my iPad.

7.      I used to dog-ear the pages of my books when I finished reading for the night – Horror!

8.      I cannot stand film-cover books.

9.      I buy 90% of my books from Charity Shops

10. I am less likely to read a book with a broken spine then I am to read a book with a perfectly intact spine

11. I have a collection of bookmarks

12. I only own 2 signed books…

13. I have met 2 authors and been tweeted by 2 authors.

14. I have written 3 novels myself – and I want to be a published writer one day.

15. I work at a Literary Agency as an intern and I have the amazing job of getting to email and write notes to writers, including Giovanna Fletcher, Carrie-Hope Fletcher and Liz Trenow.

16. I hated The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

17. My favourite book genre is Historical Fiction – any period up until 1989.

18. I do not lend books to anyone. I had to steal a book back from my ‘friend’ after they ‘borrowed’ it for 2 years.

19. I always begin craving chocolate when I’m reading…

20. I prefer floppy books to stiff books (The innuendos of this sentence just kills me)

21. I rarely read Over-Hyped books. If someone tells me ‘You’ll love it’ I usually hate it.

22. This year I want to read 60 books for my 2016 Goodreads Challenge

23. I cannot listen to music whilst I’m reading.

24. I do judge a book by its cover…and its spine…and its size…

25. I will never read a bind-up because it feels like too much pressure.

Those are 25 bookish facts about me. It was a fairly easy list – believe it or not.
 I’d be really interested to read everyone else’s bookish facts about them!
Comment below or send me links to your own blogs!

Happy Reading!


  1. I love this list, I particularly love number 4! But, you have never listened to an audiobook??? I love listening to these at nights when my eyes are too tired to read.
    Good luck with your goodreads challenge, my is set at 40 for this year.

    1. I have never listened to one. I need to hold something or turn pages to keep my attention span fixed - I might try and listen to them in the car to see if that'll kick start a love of them, but otherwise: paperbacks for me :) Nice! Good luck with that xx Thanks for commenting x Ellie