March Wrap-Up

So this month hasn’t been the best month for me in terms of reading – either for the amount or for the ratings. I only finished a book in the 3rd week of the month…how bad is that?

Anyway, here are the books I have read this month and their consecutive ratings:

The Looking Glass House

By Vanessa Tait


A novel by the great-granddaughter of Alice Liddell – the girl who inspired Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. The novel is a fictionalised version of the time when Alice Liddell and Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) were friends. It’s an interesting concept and the book cover is gorgeous but the story is disappointing. For more details please read the full review I did on it the other week.

A Wild Swan: And Other Tales

By Michael Cunningham


This is a collection of fairlytale re-telling short stories. I’ve read a lot of these books this year and I must say I’ve been fairly disappointed. There’s nothing special about this novel – the main twist is that there are twists within the stories but sometimes not until the very end. For example The Beast – a story about Beauty and the Beast – it is the same story as the original but at the end when the Beast turns back into a man it is revealed that the Beast was in fact a spell to stop the man being a murderous beast. (That’s one of many stories – sorry for the spoiler, but it isn’t huge) That was actually one of my favourite stories of the lot…so that says a lot about the collection.

Extra: This was also my first ever eBook I’ve ever completed so…woop woop!

Feminine Gospels

By Carol Ann Duffy


Yes…another Carol Ann Duffy collection. I enjoy her work, what can I say. This is her collection of feminist poems. Some of them are downright beautiful – The Map-Woman and The Cord – but then others – The Laughter of Stafford Girls School – are too long, boring and disappointing. I’m not a fan of epic poems or prose poems so it is little wonder I disliked some of these poems. But nonetheless the writing, imagery and flow of all the poem are gorgeous.

Quarter Life Poetry: Poems for the Young, Broke & Hangry

By Samantha Jayne


I read this after getting it off of NetGalley. So yes, another eBook, I’m glad I’m starting to get into them more. Although I will always prefer paperback/hardbacks. I read this in one sitting and did agree/experienced all of what she said. However the writing, in comparison to Carol Ann Duffy and other poets – newcomers or established alike – it is very childish. Simple 4 sentence rhyming couplets which sometimes don’t rhyme and don’t make sense. There are also a lack of finishes. All in all I think the collection could have done with more revision to it, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Hence it gets 3 stars. Perfect for University/Post-grad students!


By Jane Austen


Okay…so there is one 5-star review. I have finally finished Emma! After starting it in my final year of Sixth Form – Now I’m in my final year of University, seemed appropriate – I re-started the book and I loved it. It is so humorous, witty, believable and my god Mr Knightley! I want him. Badly. He is my Edward Cullen/Jace Wayland/Damon Salvatore – always! Okay…too much fan-girling going on there. But I love Austen’s stories. I’ve got only two more to go and then I’ve read them all. Persuasion and Pride & Prejudice left to go. (Yes, I know, why haven’t I read Pride & Prejudice?)

What books have you read this month? Have they been any good? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Reading!

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