Harry Potter Memorabilia Collection // Part 2

So in July last year I did a post on my Harry Potter Collection of goodies ranging from the books to my time-turner and letter to Hogwarts now, after two more trips to the studios, I have so more to add!

I’ll get right into it as I seemed to have picked up rather a lot through birthday’s, studio trips and Christmas presents!

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone illustrated Edition
Illustrations by Jim Kay

I implored my parents to get me this for Christmas last year, and I didn’t need to ask twice. I refused to look at any of the images from its release in October (quite an achievement for myself!) until I got the book in my hands on Christmas Day. It’s simply gorgeous, and although I doubt I’ll read the story from the book itself, (the book is very awkward/heavy to read!) I’ll probably stick to reading my old copy and flicking through flick through these images as I go.

Harry Potter: Magical Places from the Film

Another book to add to my growing collection. I got this as a surprise gift for Christmas and it’s a great one to flick through. It includes the details and images of all the places the film was shot with drawings and information sheets on what was done to the area and how the set was built for the scenes to take place. A present for a proper Harry-Potter-Bibliophile.

Chocolate Frog

One of the luxuries of the Harry Potter Studio Tour is the shop and the first time I went I over-spent as it was, so I denied myself the chocolate frog. But the second time I went I was determined to get one. So I did. After 8 months I still haven’t eaten the frog! (Don’t worry it’s in date until July!) So I will eat it soon. But it’s so awesome! And I got a card!
I got Godric Gryffindor and Freyja, who was with me on that trip, got Rowena Ravenclaw in hers. Although £8 per frog I don’t care! It’s the novelty factor that counts.

Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans

I have to thank my Riot Squad girl Leanne for this. Along with a cup which just epitomises me, she also surprised me with this little box of Bertie Beans. Now I don’t actually eat jelly beans but I don’t care! I’ve got Bertie Beans whenever I need them. Spot the Vomit flavoured one ‘For Enemies’.
Deathly Hallow’s Necklace

A little cheapy-present to myself from way back when. The Deathly Hallows symbol on a chain. It’s a must item really, and easily found/affordable!

Harry Potter Inspired bookmark

Now this item isn’t neccesarily Harry Potter ‘the brand’ but it was inspired by the books. Note the little steam train and age-old castle. My mum got this for me to use when I read the books every summer and I think it’s rather lovely.

9¾ Platform Earrings

On my most recent trip to the Harry Potter Studios in November I went with family to see the Hogwarts Express. Since I had seen the train myself, having been the previous September, and my mum was, at that time, in a wheelchair, she and I perused the gift shop whilst my family queued up to look inside the train. What occurred was a rather large amount of spending, with my mum buying me these earrings as treat. I now wear them to find other Harry Potter lovers whilst I’m out and about! They’re oh-so-fashionable, but also oh-so-fangirly!

Undesirable Number One Coaster

Another little random gift. My dad gave this to me for Christmas to use for my mugs of Gingerbread lattes which I was kind of obsessed with over the festive period however, I’m such a freak, I haven’t removed the packaging and refuse to put anything hotter than my ipod on it.

Proclamation: Educational Decree No. 30 Poster

I nearly dropped dead with happiness when I saw this poster for sale in my local university poster shop. It summarised my want in my university house whilst also delivering on my Harry Potter Fandom quota for the month. Perfect. I don’t care that I’m nearly 21 this poster is staying up!

Harry Potter Studio Photos

I think it’s safe to say that after three trips to the Harry Potter Studios in one year I have done everything that it currently has to offer except the Dursley’s household and I have some lovely photographic evidence. When Freyja and I went, we went a little crazy.

Tip: Anyone attending the Harry Potter Studios Tour should go from 4pm onwards for the smallest queues, emptiest shop and general emptiest feel. It was incredible!  We waited for nothing and had time to stop and chat with most of the staff.

Broomstick Riding

I had time to request a Hufflepuff robe a request they don’t receive that often apparently I am a Hufflepuff through and through Pottermore proved it! and so I needed a Hufflepuff robe.

Tip 2: Do not wear a dress when riding a broomstick. Particularly a loose summer one!

Enchanted Ford Anglia

This was our first image and it was hard to get it right, you can’t see the steering wheel or the seating layout. You kind of just have to hope for the best. But bearing that in mind, I don’t think it turned out badly.

The Hogwarts Express

Last, but not least, the Hogwarts Express. After a little ride and a greeting from a Dementor we got this photo taken too.

So there we have it. A lot more has been added to my ever-growing collection. My most recent acquisitions has been of the Harry Potter Magical Creatures Colouring book, but that isn’t really memorabilia as a new craze. It’s still fun to do though!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any Harry Potter items or if you have any questions!

Happy Reading!

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