The Yellow Brick War || Book Review

Rating: ***


The Yellow Brick War is the third book in the Dorothy Must Die series. I thought it was going to be a trilogy but by the way this book ended I imagine/hope there is another book coming.

This book felt like the shortest of the series for me and a lot less happened in comparison to the two other books. The first book Dorothy Must Die will remain the best in the series for length, plot development and character building but there is something really gripping about this series as a whole and even when I got annoyed reading this book I was also really enjoying it.

I can’t say it’s good because, in fact, I don’t think it is. We spend a lot of time in the modern-day during Yellow Brick War and from my review of the first book you’ll learn how much I disliked that setting, I thought it was the weak link. It was the same in the third.

There were a few details in the book which don’t make sense as well: Amy Gumm, the protagonist, has been gone a month but the pregnant girl from Dorothy Must Die has had her baby, got thin, gone back to school and started to feed the baby solidsin 30 days? Huh? I want to know her secret.

The writing is also flawed. I want to say ‘simplistic’, but it is almost ‘childish’, yet there is undoubtedly a thread of something purely gripping throughout as, like I said, when I picked it up I couldn’t put it down.

The pace of this book was much better than the second, The Wicked Will Rise, in which I felt the storyline was rushed. It calmed down in the third but a lot less happened and since it was so short at only 200 odd pages it really needed a bit more exposition rather than fight after fight after fight.

There is one character who I shan’t spoil who terrified me. I read this book, in the majority, before I went to bed and this character made me scared to turn out the light. He’s one of those characters that could have their own horror movie but not horror as in ‘bloody-torture’ but horror as in ‘I-can-see-you-watching-me-in-your-dreams’ kind of monster. So simple but scary good.

I think the best thing about the series as a whole, beyond that of its originality of plot, is the characters. They’re just brilliant and they’re constantly evolving. Whilst Danielle Paige kills her characters off as frequently and sporadically as George R.R. Martin in Game of Thrones she does it with such ‘sparkle’ and grotesque description it’s enthralling. It’s exactly what you’d expect from the land of Oz except the actual killing bit.

There is yet to be any information for an upcoming book in this series but where it ended and with several more plotlines introduced I would be horrified if there wasn’t another book or two. Paige does has another novel out soon Stealing Snow which is a story on a similar vein retelling the story of the Snow Queen. I’ll have to pick that up and read that in lieu of the next book in this series.

Whilst The Yellow Brick War is nowhere near as strong as the first novel in this series it remains gripping with strong elements, but also incredibly weak ones. It is certainly not worthy of a higher rating that 3-3.5 stars but it is still fairly enjoyable.

Let me know your own thoughts on the book if you read it, or any of the books in the series!

Happy Reading!


  1. I have never read any of these books even though I have often thought of doing so. I may give them a go.

    1. It's worth it for the storyline! The writing is weak - particularly in the first two chapters of Dorothy Must Die - by from Chapter 3 it improves dramatically! :) Let me know how you get on!