July Wrap Up

This month has been amazing for reading! All of the books I have read/finished have been 5 stars! Fabulous!

There is a lot of Feminism in this post as I am going through a feminazi phase of life – it’s driving my parents crazy – but I don’t care! I love it!

Without further ado!

Girl Up by Laura Bates


Anyone that follows me on Twitter knows that I have been raving about this book. It is a funny, informative, infuriating and honest. The illustrations are brilliant, the message even moreso and it is a must-read for all women young and old. See my review for full details.

Girls Will be Girls by Emer O’Toole


This book is along a similar vein of Girl Up but focuses entirely on the author ­– Emer O’Toole’s – experiences, from androgynous dressing to not shaving. It is hilarious and down-right inspirational, not to mention the writing is great. I found myself wanting to write her a letter asking her to be my best friend. The things she does may be classed as ‘odd’ and I don’t think I could do some of them – hopefully not because society calls it of me but simply because I don’t want to – but she has a great voice and I wish there were more women out there like her.

What Colour is Kiss by Rocio Bonilla


I received this book via Netgalley. It is a picture book/children’s book which intrigued me and is utterly charming. A second’s read for me but one I think kids will love – both boys and girls – it follows a unisex child trying to figure out the colour of kisses. It’s a delightful idea filled beautiful illustrations and interesting comparisons, instead of the standard red is for roses etc. I would happily buy this for my younger cousins.

I Call Myself a Feminist: The View from Twenty-Five Women Under Thirty by Victoria Pepe and others


This collection of essays is inspiring. The different women – from 16 year olds to MPs, writers and activists – were incredible and diverse. I wasn’t reading a collection of white-middle-class voices complaining about smaller issues, but women all of categories discussing relevant, sometimes awful, topics which need to be addressed and can be. The essays were short – some only 2-3 pages longs – the quotes from books, inspiring women and men about feminism, were a fantastic carry-all. I loved it. It is a great train read, home read, bed read etc. There is no place this book cannot be read. Or shouldn’t be.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J.K. Rowling, Jack Thorne & John Tiffany


OH MY GOD. It’s happened.

I told myself I wasn’t going to wait up and read the book all in one gobut I did. I changed my order to kindle form rather than hardback – I was not waiting 5 days Amazon! – and I got the book at midnight. I started reading it at 12:15, to be exact, and finished it at 2:48. Full review to come butI enjoyed it. I had butterflies, which I haven’t had in a while, I really want to go and see the show and that is probably the ‘books’ biggest weakness in the sense that it is not meant to be read but seen. So you lose the dimensionality and natural pauses that would make it incredible!

The BFG by Roald Dahl


I have never read a Roald Dahl book. Shocking, I know. I read the children’s classics like The Secret Garden & The Wizard of Oz as a child, but never Roald Dahl. With the new movie recently released I fancied reading the book before going to see the film. I knew the story from the animated classic, which still creeps me out, but the book is much more light-hearted (or maybe it feels like that as I am no longer 8 years old!) The story is a classic, a very simple children’s story with some lovely literary merit. The BFG as a character is a whizzpopping wonder and it is clear to see why this is a Dahl favourite to many.

It’s been a brilliant month for reading, not in quantity but in quality, that’s the best kind.

With getting into a commuter schedule from starting my job in London I hope that next month I’ll be able to read even more than this month, but I doubt it’ll be as exciting as the Harry Potter release!

Let me know what you’ve been reading and send any recommendations!

Happy Reading!

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  1. I got my Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book today.
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