10 Excuses To Buy More Books!

For us readers we rarely need to make excuses to buy books, we simply want to buy them! So we do. But for our loved ones they need a bit more convincing as to why we spend so much money on books we possibly won’t read

So here are Ten Excuses for buying books!

1.    As a Writer it is research

At University it was the first thing my Creative Writing tutor taught us: to write you must read.

2.    There are empty spaces on my shelves!

Okayso this rarely happens. But when you buy that second bookshelf, to accommodate the first, there are going to be holes which need to be filled! As soon as possible!

3.    The Hype!

Nobody I know, post-movie, read The Fault in Our Stars because they wanted to read about young teenagers in love with cancer. I read it because my sister loved it – my sister hadn’t read a book since the Beano was the weekly published comic in the supermarket!

4.    Oryou have to know why there is so much hate for it!

The most recent book for this would be, of course, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Now I was dedicated reader – I got it at midnight and finished it at 2:30am. Butthose that are reading it now are reading it to see whether or not they’ll hate it!

5.    I’m supporting the industry I work in!
I work in publishing recruitment, but it’s still publishing! I read the books in order to keep my co-workers and myself in work!

6.    You can read a book as many times as you like!

It costs about as much as a buying a cinema ticket or a discount theatre ticket! But you read it over and over again!

7.    Reading is incredibly good for you!

Reading makes you more intelligent!

8.    People collect weirder things!

Go on eBay and you will find a lot weirder things than books! Farts in jars, rocks with supposed magical powers, limited edition plates you will never eat off!

9.    Books can cheer you up!

At the end of a bad day, the beginning of an early morning or after a terrible break up a book can be an escape!

10. Because they’re so pretty!

They look great on Instagram, Pinterest, my bookshelf, my blog! They’re so pretty!

So there we have it! 10 excuses to buy more books! J

Happy Reading!

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