August Wrap Up

Wow I haven’t posted in a while. With work, illness and going to New York City I was absolutely knackered and didn’t have a chance to sit down and write anything!

But hopefully that is changing, we shall see.

It’s always good to have a break though, and surprisingly I read a lot last month! This is good as now I don’t have an excuse not to blog.

Today I am going to write about all of the books I read last month!

Everyday Sexism
by Laura Bates
So the first book I read in August was all about feminism, surprise surprise. I am coming out of this phase now but this was a really insightful book into the everyday sexism women face. Most of this stuff has happened to me – the wolf-whistling, the groping, the inappropriate comments and the ‘it’s just a joke’ forgive—all endings. It’s good to see someone standing out and shouting that this is not right! The one discrepancy I had with Girl Up, Bates’ most recent book, was that it wasn’t angry enough. This one is! Very good read, if a little dry in places.

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
The End of the Third Age (Book 6)
by J.R.R. Tolkien
I FINALLY FINISHED IT!  It only took me 8 months! I started this series in the 2nd year of university and because I have, or rather my brother has, the 6 book set I was picking them up irregularly and I got distracted at Christmas and just didn’t get around to finishing this book. I was determined to complete the series and now I have and actually this book is one of my favourites. I’m one of the people who, unfortunately, cannot envisage the world of Middle Earth as Tolkien does as I am too engrossed in the movie version to see much else. But I did enjoy the series, but will undoubtedly never read it again! (Too long!)

by Dan Vyleta
I will not waste much time on this book as I have already written a review. It is probably the biggest disappointment of the year, so far, for me. All of the promises and summaries I heard were lies and the writing and storyline made little sense. I gave it a 2 star review previously (having not quite reached the end) but now I retract that and give it 1. It really is not worth it and I am sorry to have wasted time on it. *sigh*

The Vagenda
by Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett & Holly Baxter
Another one of my feminist reads this year! I picked this up from the library and devoured it over my train journeys to work! I found it really funny, easy-to-read and insightful if at times drifting from its original points. This book focuses on the representation of women in magazines and the messages that are sent to women through these glossy-pages. It will make you never want to pick up your monthly Glamour or Cosmopolitan ever again!

Men Explain Things To Me
by Rebecca Solnit
Another disappointing read. I thought that this tiny, beautiful book was going to be an academic look into the patriarchy and effects on women. Instead it was an essay complaining about one grievance with a man and then several more uninteresting essays, for which most of them I can’t even remember the topic. It was an interesting concept that she put forward, the idea that men explain things to women – and I have experienced this – but it was more like a complaint than an actual argument.

The Bell Jar
by Sylvia Plath
I had such an urge to read this modern classic and I don’t know why. I went into this novel not knowing a thing about it, beyond the fact that the story revolved around a woman having a mental breakdown. With Plath as the author it was pretty much a-given. It was very good though. I haven’t read anything like it, which is possibly why it is a unique 1960s classic. It is Plath’s only novel and she did an expert job in handling the mental fragility of a young woman’s mind. At times I got frustrated with the protagonist as it feels like she goes mad for no reason at all but then when you look at the little things, her upbringing and the disappointment she faces you begin to realise how delicate the mind really is.

by Colin Toíbín
I think it was a combination of seeing the movie and knowing I was going to New York City that made me want to read Brooklyn so badly. I completed this the night before I went to the city and it was a lovely little story. I think the movie did a better job of the ending than the book, as the book kind of leaves you hanging and never re-introduces some pivotal characters to the plot after the character has to leave them mid-way through. But the book itself is easy to read and the writing is very soothing. The Irish strain and the gentle protagonist were the highlights for me.

There we have it. It was a fairly even month with some good reads, no amazing ones but you can’t have them every month of the year. I think the best book I read this month was probably The Bell Jar.

I’m currently reading Dorothy Must Die: Stories Vol. 2 and then I hope to read Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler! I would like another reading month as good as this one that’s for sure!

Let me know what you’re reading or what you have read in the last few weeks!

Happy Reading!



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  1. Awwwe Take a break from everything and chill sweetheart! So many amazing books I spot! 💓