My Autumn Wishlist || Books

I don’t know about anyone else but autumn is my favourite season. It’s a cosy-hot-chocolatey-back-to-school kind of season and I love it! Although I’m not going back to anything this year!

I am, currently, in a bit of a reading slump, but I fancy getting some new books hence this wish list!

I’ve been perusing the office bookshelf (and by bookshelf I mean windowsill) on which my colleagues put the books they’ve read recently and think others would enjoy. I’ve also been on Amazon and The Book People updating my many lists on there and I think I have a good idea of some books I want to purchase in the near future!

So without further ado:
by Pat Barker
I never finished Regeneration by Pat Barker, which is odd and a shame as it is a WW1 fictional account of Sigmund Freud and Wilfred Owen, as well as a few other characters, time in Craiglockhart during the War. Noonday is set in WW2 and is about a young woman Elinor (the name is always going to keep me interested) driving an ambulance during the blitz. It’s historical, has an interesting plot and characterI think Im going to like it.

ThreeSisters, Three Queens
by Philippa Gregory
I always have to read at least one book by Philippa Gregory a year and I like feel this may be the one for this year. It is about Katherine of Aragorn and Henry VIII’s two sisters Margaret and Mary. Yes, he had sisters! I like how Philippa Gregory takes the females of the Tudor age and gives them a voice – she is not always historically accurate (actually, not a lot) but she does have a very captivating writing style.

Through the Woods
by Emily Carroll
I have to get this book this year! I’ve been saying I would for the last two years. It is a horror graphic novel and one that everyone raved about a couple of years ago and one I think I would enjoy, particularly around Halloween.

Bad Feminist
by Roxanne Gay
My feminist phase continues! I’ve been meaning to read this book for ages but it appears that no library stocks it! So I’m going to have to buy it. It is a collection of essays regarding feminism and it was quite popular about a year ago. Roxanne Gay has just got a contract to write some short stories as well so I’m quite interested to see what her general writing is like.

Big Magic: Creative Beyond Living
by Elizabeth Gilbert
Now I’m either going to enjoy/agree with this book or absolutely detest it. I can’t see there being any middle ground. A lot of people have been reading this to give them justification in being creative. You can be creative without needing permission, just saying. But I’ve seen a lot of people say that this book inspired them to write/paint/sing even though they have never studied Creative Writing/English Lit/Art or sung before. Which is also fine – but I do have a Creative Writing degree, and I know it made my writing so much better and I have been publishedso Im worried that this book might be a big slap in the face for making the choices I havewhich also intrigues me. Its like listening to gossip: you can’t help but be intrigued but you have a sneaking suspicion it is not going to end well!

by Ali Smith
It is the first in a four-part seasonal themed series and I although I don’t know what it is about and in the past I have struggled with Ali Smith’s books – it’s my favourite season! So I want to read a book entitled ‘Autumn’.

Where Am I Now?
by Mara Wilson
Mara Wilson was the child actress behind the beloved character of Matilda and Nattie in Mrs Doubtfire. I remember has as one of my roles models of childhood and to this day that hasn’t changed. She went from little child star to clinically depressed young woman entering obscurity to get away from Hollywood and the hell that she endured. This is her account of life from that said obscurity and I can’t wait to read it.

Almost Famous Woman
by Megan Mayhew Bergman
This is a collection of stories based on women to the side of history. Bergman has taken women no one has heard of but who are more famous than ‘normal people’ by association and given them stories, or enlarged their stories. The characters include Lord Byron's illegitimate daughter Allegra, Oscar Wilde’s niece Dolly and James Joyce’s daughter Lucia. It’s a feminist, historical fiction collection of short stories. Why have I not read this earlier! 

I think that is enough to be thinking of spending my money on! For now at least J

Let me know if there are any books you think I should be reading over the next few weeks!

Anything to get out of this slump!

Happy Reading!

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