Vinegar Girl by Anne Tyler || Book Review

Author: Anne Tyler is an acclaimed author of many books, including A Spool of Blue Thread & An Amateur Marriage, and a winner of a Pulitzer prize.

Rating: **


I was so looking forward to reading this book but it was such a disappointment.

I read a chapter a day on the train to work – that is like scheduling when you’re wearing your retainer! If I like a book I will continue to read it until I need to put it away – I used to read and walk across the street! – But I just couldn’t get into Vinegar Girl.

Anne Tyler is known for her work – A Spool of Blue Thread was on the Man Booker Prize last year – yet her re-tellings clearly aren’t as good. Hogarth are publishing a Shakespeare re-telling every 6 months for the next however-many-years and Vinegar Girl is a re-telling of the Taming of the Shrew. Yet for a story so simple – a woman not looking for a relationship who is tricked into a relationship - *FEMINIST KLAXON* she made it simpler.

A scientist’s assistant needs a visa so the scientist gets his depressing daughter to marry him. The end. **ULTIMATE FEMINIST KLAXON**

That is really it. It was such a shame.

The characters weren’t likable and the writing was fairly weak, especially for Anne Tyler! I gave it 2 rather than 1 star as I did finish it and it wasn’t without the occasional funny one-liner, but where a funny moment can make the chapter, these one liners were more like the stutters of a dying engine.

I will try and read another Anne Tyler book, someday, but I don’t know whether or not to continue with the Hogarth Shakespeare series? I haven’t heard great things but the selection of authors is amazing: Margaret Atwood, Tracey Chevalier & Gillian Flynn. I will see where the mood takes me in a while. But for now

Happy Reading!

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